Tuesday, May 10, 2022

At the house, Ally’s embarrassed – I’m so sorry, she cries. Jack encourages her to confide in him.

In TGP lobby, Diane’s alarmed to hear that Kyle’s going back to Italy. You want nothing to do with me, she’s disappointed. Kyle’s not leaving for the reason she thinks.

At Society, Lauren raves about their trip to the South of France. She again asks Mike to rethink working for Victor.

Sharon’s family have gathered at the house after the church service. She’s surprised to find Chelsea at the door.

Chelsea didn’t mean to intrude but was hoping to pay her respects. She understands if it’s just family. You’re welcome to join us, Sharon hopes Chelsea doesn’t blame herself. Rey would want you to be included.

Did Victor lending us his private jet score any points? Mike’s sure things will be quieter with Ashland gone. He wonders if Lauren’s ready to walk away from Fenmores (so they can retire in France)

Jack thinks Ally may have come all this way to talk about it – you will always have a soft spot to land here. Ally admits he’s right – something did happen.

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Now in Diane’s suite, Kyle explains that he needs Summer’s insight. What did the Abbotts say about me after I left? Diane wonders. Kyle doesn’t think it appropriate for him to say.

Ally’s Mother came to LA – but only to sign paperwork. She’d hope to bridge the gap between them but there’s nothing left to bridge. Her Mother stayed at a hotel and left the next morning (without seeing her daughter) Feeling lonely and empty, Ally felt compelled to come see Jack, who hugs her as she cries.

What kind of hold does Victor have over you? Why must you always defend him? Mike says they can retire and live anywhere – but he knows Lauren’s not ready to step away from Fenmores.

Mike loves how passionate Lauren is about her work. He promises they’ll visit everywhere on their wish list. But not now – we’re still in our prime. When it’s time to walk off into the sunset, we’ll do so hand in hand. Still concerned about the danger, Lauren asks Mike to compare their time in France to his time in Peru.

Sharon stands to thank everyone; Tessa for singing at the church, Noah’s photomontage, Chance’s eulogy (he and Abby didn’t come back to the house.