Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Nick’s brought Sharon home from the airport. Faith fusses over her Mom. Sharon doesn’t need to rest – the wedding’s tomorrow. There’s a couple of brides that could use our love and support.

In the apartment, Mariah panics – Kyle didn’t confirm he could officiate! How could I let that slip my mind? Noah arrives – he has something to show her and Tessa.

Vikki approaches Ashland at CL’s – she thinks his donation would be in good hands. She finds it hard to believe he doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

At the office, Adam tells Sally that he can’t leave the company – he won’t let Vikki win. He’s made his decision. I want Newman Enterprises – every bit of it.

Taking over Newman is a big bold goal, Sally’s all in. Adam has the perfect plan – Ashland Locke is the key.

Back at the coffee shop, Ashland continues to blame himself for the accident. Rey had a heart attack, Vikki informs. Ashland chokes up – you didn’t have to tell me that. No, he won’t withdraw his offer – Rey was a good man, he deserves to be honoured.

Faith sent upstairs, Nick tells Sharon that someone wants to make a sizeable donation in Rey’s name. 250 million!?? Who’s the donour? Ashland Locke.

The brides love what Noah’s put together at Top of The Towers. ‘Reception’ sounds stuffy and square – he’s planned an after-party. The girls are thrilled – this is beyond. Good, that’s what Noah was going for. Mariah’s initially relieved when Kyle drops by – but he wastes no time hinting that he won’t be able to officiate the wedding.

The donation will be anonymous – Ashland’s name won’t be mentioned. Nick’s struggling with whether to accept it. Take every dime – this is poetic justice, Sharon’s adamant.

Kyle forgot he promised to stay for the wedding. Mariah’s disappointed but understands he needs to go see Summer. He called her – and Summer’s coming. Mariah’s excited – you can officiate, right????

Ashland? How is he the lynchpin to you getting control of Newman? Sally wonders. Adam knows that Vikki’s still struggling with her feelings for Ashland. He’ll use saving her life to get her back. If Ashland wins Vikki back, he’ll take her far away – or – Dad will be so furious that he’ll finally question Vikki’s ability to run the company. We need to find a way to reignite the romance.

Ar Society, Nick agrees to accept the ANONYMOUS donation. He still thinks Ashland’s a snake who’d leave town if he really loved Vikki. Ashland can’t – Harrison is here. He will promise not to cause Vikki any more hurt. Good, because the next plan to get rid of you will be more extreme.

Sally finds Adam’s plan intriguing but risky. Victor can’t find out that you’re pulling the strings. If Vikki takes Ashland back, my Father would have to question her fitness for the job.