Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

Mariah knows Kyle’s distracted by everything going on. Maybe tomorrow is the perfect way to clear your head. You pushed us into that first date.

Downstairs, Noah hopes Tessa and Mariah get their dream wedding. Tessa’s glad they got past the awkwardness. Noah will always love Tessa – as a friend, and the woman who makes his sister happy.

Adam and Sally are seated nearby as Ashland makes the call to transfer the funds to New Hope. After Nick leaves, Adam asks Ashland if he’s still holding out hope that Vikki will take him back.

At Newman, Vikki tells her Mother about her encounter with Ashland. He didn’t change his mind about donating (after hearing Rey had a heart attack) Nikki worries that Vikki pushing aside her feelings for Ashland will only eat her up inside.

You win, Kyle will officiate the wedding. Mariah knew it was meant to be when she saw him. She’s so grateful – and has Kyle’s back.

Ashland regrets taking the money; he’s kept his end of the deal – I walked away from the company and had the marriage annulled.

Sharon and Faith join Noah and the brides in the apartment. Going to the service in Miami seems to have sped Sharon’s grieving process along. She’s all gung ho to help with the wedding.

Sharon and Faith will do the gift bags. Sharon gives the brides a collection of lotions and soaps. Now alone, Mariah and Tessa couldn’t be happier.

Sally saw Ashland’s eyes light up when talking about Vikki. Well played. Adam abruptly leaves to scheme some more.

What if Ashland’s telling the truth – that his love for me has changed him. Vikki hates feeling this way – it’s humiliating. Nikki doesn’t doubt that Ashland loves Vikki – but will that earn forgiveness? And how about saving your life?

Back at her place with Nick, Sharon looks forward to attending the first ribbon-cutting ceremony. How are you really? he asks – it’s just you and me.

Adam interrupts as Vikki’s still trying to sort out what Ashland saving her means. He’s accepted her decision not to be co-CEO. It’s a done deal, Vikki doesn’t care what Adam thinks. After he goes to turn his attention to Newman Media, both ladies wonder what that was about.

Sharon bonded with Celeste, Lola and the family over their shared grief. We need to celebrate what we have right now. Nick’s very proud of Sharon’s strength. We’ve been through hell before. This wedding couldn’t come at a better time.

Seeing Vikki limp over to Society’s bar, Sally goes over to join her – buy you a drink?