Thursday, May 12th, 2022

At Society, Vikki’s not in the mood for company (but does appreciate Sally’s glowing praise of her) She and Adam are perfectly happy running Newman Media – the only loser is Ashland (deservedly so)

Meeting Mike at TGP, Victor rants about Diane then is about to change the subject when Mike interrupts – let me stop you right there, please.

‘We’re expecting your delivery between 8 and 9 tomorrow’, Sharon ends a call as Faith comes home with dry cleaning (which includes one of Rey’s shirts)

At the apartment, Mariah’s stressed – Tessa’s calm, and sure everything will be fine. Your family is coming through for us. Both are surprised when Crystal comes knocking – hey Sis!

Tessa and Mariah welcome Crystal warmly with hugs. Rey got the charges against Crystal dropped – Rey’s death must be really hard on Sharon, she opines.

Sharon thinks about Rey every minute of the day. So does Faith. The lady at the dry cleaners said to say hi to Rey. He was there for your cancer, my transplant, Mariah’s kidnapping. Everything turned out just like he promised and he’s not here to see it. It’s not fair ~hug~

Ashland’s just fine; he’s rich thanks to Adam, Vikki points out. Sally knows he’s giving half of it away; he’s broken up over losing you. Vikki thinks Ashland played her (like Billy did when Sally was following him around) Sally’s been where Ashland is now. What does that mean? Vikki finally gives her permission to sit.

Mike tells Victor that Laurens’s stepping up her efforts to make him quit this job. But no, Victor doesn’t need to hire someone else. Ashland Locke is circling like a shark. You want me to find a way to neutralize him? Mike asks. No, Victor wants to get rid of that SOB, permanently.

Sharon doesn’t want Faith to hide her feelings. Rey’s memory will live on. Someone donated a lot of money to Nick’s charities. Rey’s kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. The donor? Anonymous.

What does getting rid of Locke personally entail? Mike asks. It’s not dangerous, Victor assures. Locke’s frustrated – he gave Nick 250 million, in Rey’s name. He’s trying to convince Vikki that her love has transformed him. Is it working? No, of course not.

Sally pretended to be deathly ill to make someone fall in love with her. Vikki can see why Sally and Adam are a good couple – you’re two of a kind. Sally will take that as a compliment. Her plan ended in disaster – Wyatt cut me off just like you did Ashland. He feels true remorse, Sally’s sure – it’s horrible knowing you’ve hurt the person you love the most. She can’t help but feel sorry for Ashland.