Friday, May 13th, 2022

Back at the house, Mariah and Sharon think Faith has a future as an event planner. She gets a text from Tessa – go check the pocket of my overnight bag. Mariah reads an equally sappy sentiment.

Mariah and Tessa exchange texts. My wedding dress has disappeared – what if I show up in my robe? Dare you, Mariah replies. Tessa tells Crystal how much she loves her bride-to-be.

At CL’s, Abby introduces Ally to her nephew Noah (whose lame jokes fall flat) When Chance arrives, he welcomes Ally to the family. Declining Noah’s offer of a ride back to the house, Ally would like to walk; get to know the city a bit.

What are you doing here? In his tux, Kyle’s not happy with his Mother’s surprise visit.

Diane came by to check on Kyle – she worried illness changed his plans to go to Italy. She just loves weddings – this is the life I dreamed you’d live once I stepped out of it. I’m running late, Kyle leaves his Mother looking mischievous on the front step.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis has a very bad feeling – we can’t let our guard down. Jack knows Red – this is about Summer. Yes, Phyllis lies. Jack invites her to accompany him to the wedding.

I look so badass (Crystal is wearing a lot of feathers) Both are grateful that Rey made this possible. Tessa’s ecstatic when Kevin and Chloe arrive with her dress.

Papa’s a cool cat, Nick’s dynamite, ready to dance all night. Faith groans. Moses tells Nick he’s sound as a pound. Also wearing feathers, Faith gives the 2-minute warning. Garment bag in hand, Mariah and her entourage leave.

Top of The Tower is a bustling 70’s party scene. Out of sight! Devon and Amanda chat with Nate and Elena – Noah did a great job. Across the room, Nick and Sharon talk. Faith and Moses enter ready to dance. She hopes her brides are OK. Abby and Kevin also think Noah did a great job – and that’s one proud Dad over there (Chance is showing off photos on his phone)

Sharon goes over to hug Crystal. You did so much for me when I was mixed up with Zack. And your husband is the reason I’m here. I’m so sorry for your loss, Crystal’s emotional. This was Rey’s gift, Sharon’s happy Tessa has family here. Kyle comes over to express condolences – he’s happy to meet Crystal. I’m the reason Tessa and Mariah got together, he boasts as Jack and Phyllis join the conversation.

Kyle asks Faith who’s running the show. Me, Faith commands everyone’s attention and signals Noah to start the music. Tessa’s song plays as Mariah appears on one side of the room, Tessa the other. Nick and Sharon walk the brides to the center of the room. Hand in hand, they walk up to Kyle, Kevin and Crystal on either side.