Monday, May 16th, 2022

Tessa and Mariah holding hands in front of him, Kyle pulls out a note to read – then welcomes all to the funkiest, grooviest, most badass wedding they’ve ever been to (all applaud enthusiastically)

There’s not a dry eye in the house (The Top of the Tower) as Tessa recites her heartfelt vows. I promise to be your partner, your best friend, your champion, your shoulder to lean on, now and for always. Crediting her Mom with preparing her for love, Mariah delivers an equally heartfelt pledge.

Struggling to get a large suitcases through the front door, nuSummer exchanges introductions with Ally. Chit-chatting, they agree that Phyllis is protective of Jack. We better get to the wedding, nuSummer assumes Ally’s going with her (much to Ally’s surprise)

Diane creeps in to watch in the background as Kyle declares Mariah and Tessa wife and wife (?) The guests stand to applaud the blissfully happy couple.

No, Summer doesn’t really get along with Mariah – but she’s Kyle’s best friend, and Tessa’s cool. Ally’s a fan of her music but not a big ‘party person’. You can’t stay alone in this haunted house – she promises it’ll be fun. As for what to wear, Summer’s brought plenty.

The disco ball spinning above, Faith introduces the happy couple’s first dance. Tessa and Mariah decide they look amazing ~kiss~ Nick and Sharon agree that Rey would love this – he and Cassie are here with us. Kevin and Chloe finally say what no one else has – just a few years ago, this marriage wouldn’t be legal. Two people should be able to marry who they want.

An abundance of awkward dance moves is interrupted when Amanda (Devon) Chance and Abby congratulate the brides (who head off to the bar for a break) Noah leads Crystal to the dancefloor. Kyle appears to welcome Summer. Correctly guessing that Summer dragged her there, Jack takes Ally off for introductions. Diane continues to lurk as Devon has an emotional moment with Mariah.