Friday, May 13th, 2022

At the house, over Mimosa’s and OJ (for Faith) Mariah’s fussed over as a bride should be. Sharon brings down a domed plate – something, old, something new…. It really is my wedding day, Mariah tears up.

Tessa can’t wait to show her sister off to all her friends. Crystal wants the focus on the beautiful brides. Tessa hopes the designer will be dropping off her dress any minute.

Yes, Noah is needy for praise. Ok, Nick’s proud of what he did at Top of the Tower – even more impressive considering how you feel about Tessa.

At the house, Jack puts on Kyle’s cufflinks and agrees it’s a good idea to put his MOther out of his mind. He’s thrilled to hear that Summer’s coming.

In TGP lobby, Phyllis wonders why Diane’s still here – the Newmans want you dead and buried and Kyle won’t forgive you. I’ve changed – even Jack’s beginning to come around, Diane taunts. Stay the hell away from Jack, Phyllis hisses.

Sharon gives Mariah a bracelet of Cassie’s. She and Mariah have both been thinking of her. Faith gives her sister something new – inscribed toe rings. Something borrowed – a handkerchief that belonged to Rey’s grandmother. His gift to us is Crystal. Faith gives Mariah a blue stone. I’m the luckiest girl ~weepy group hug~

Back at CL’s, Noah insists he’s over Tessa. Nick’s sorry about what happened in London. It can’t be easy for you to walk Cassie’s twin down the aisle. Yes, Nick’s feeling all the feels. Cassie’s watching from above.

You haven’t changed – you’re trying to worm your way into people’s lives, Phyllis accuses. Diane can’t imagine there’s any romance between her and Jack. Phyllis can’t imagine why Diane thinks she has a shot with him. Hello ladies, Jack appears – is there a problem here?

My mere presence is the problem, Diane explains why she changed her plans to leave. Kyle’s reason for staying has nothing to do with you, Jack clarifies. As Phyllis starts to weigh in, Jack cuts her off. Diane – don’t let us keep you.

Crystal’s so proud of her goddess sister. Tessa gets a text from Mariah – sending her to a box full of paper hearts with cheesy declarations of love.