Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Gently let down by Sharon, Nick takes Summer to the dance floor. When Jack convinces Ally to dance with him, Phyllis eyes Diane. Kyle takes Summer aside to tell her that his Mother’s there and wants to talk to her.

It’s been a long time, Summer understates. Diane gushes about her daughter in law’s success. Now that she and Kyle have reconnected, she hopes they can forge some sort of relationship. I won’t be the typical, annoying Mother in law. Nothing about this is typical, Summer replies.

Jack stops Phyllis from going over to see what’s going on between Kyle, Summer and Diane.

Crystal would like to thank Kevin’s brother for his part in getting her charges dropped. He can arrange that. The Fishers clink glasses with Crystal and the brides. Chelsea did such a good job on the dresses – too bad she’s not here. Mariah loudly leads a toast – to Friday the 13th! All whoop ‘n holler.

The brides have a quiet moment with Sharon; here’s to all of your dreams coming true.

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Noah apologizes to Ally for his corny jokes when they first met. She compliments his ‘fanciful’ decor. What do you think of GC so far? he asks.

Abby worries to Chance about everything her Uncle Jack’s going through.

Diane hasn’t always been an honest person – but she is now. Tell me how you really feel. OK – Summer thinks what Diane did to Kyle is awful. But, she’ll love and support her husband. Diane agrees – what she did was horrible; she hopes Kyle will forgive her.

Jack finally agrees to let Phyllis go ask Diane to leave – she won’t cause a big scene.

This is a private event, Phyllis snarls. And this is a private conversation, Diane bites back. She is ready to go – lovely to see you Summer. After Kyle walks his Mother out, Phyllis tells Summer ‘that bitch’ is trying to insinuate herself into our lives – who knows what she’s up to. Summer’s wondering the same thing.

Ally and Jack are making bad jokes when Jack comes along to whisk her away again. Watching her leave, Noah’s quickly pounced on by Crystal – dance?