Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Mariah and Tessa would love to have more than one child – but for now, it’s time to consummate their marriage. Couple number three heads to the bedroom.

Having had enough of watching Phyllis ‘fawn’ over Jack (for her benefit) Diane thanks Mike for dinner and pauses to say good night to the happy couple. Phyllis is left to gush about Jack’s blue eyes.

In bed, Summer and Kyle both have missed GC; which reminds Summer that she has something to tell him.

On her way back from the ladies’ room, Phyllis takes a detour to lecture Mike about cozying up to Diane. Mike stands by his friends (including Phyllis) On his way out, he claps Jack on the back – good luck with that.

Ally confides to Noah that she’s a bit overwhelmed by the Abbotts. Noah can relate – the Newmans are ‘assertive’. He’s concluded that it’s better to be part of it than not – just something to think about.

My beautiful wife. MY beautiful wife. Now in bed, Mariah and Tessa get the honeymoon started.

Noah has one more ‘pearl of wisdom’; Jack (his former stepfather) is a great guy, so are Summer, Kyle and the rest of the family. If you need space, just ask for it. They’ll be there when you’re ready, he assures Ally.

Summer tells Kyle that Marchetti is in the hole financially. She believes in Angelina’s design talent but she’s in denial. It’ll take something big to keep the company afloat. Of course Summer has a plan. Kyle’s all ears.

Giving Jack a kiss goodnight, Phyllis steps into the elevator. As soon as the doors close, Diane chirps – my, my, so much romance in the air tonight.

Snuggling in bed, Mariah and Tessa decide to stay up all night and watch the sun come up ~kiss~

Summer’s idea is for Jabot to buy Marchetti. Then, they can come home (Angelina can relocate or work remotely from Milan) But, would you even want to come back now that your Mother’s here? Kyle looks conflicted.

Jack echoes Mike’s advice – give Kyle time and space. Diane finds the timing of Phyllis’ rekindling things with him interesting – it’s almost like she’s marking her territory. She then leaves Jack to mull it over.