Friday, May 27th, 2022

Ta Da! Phyllis surprises Jack with a sample of a great picnic by The Grand Phoenix – clever, right? Both are optimistic about Jabot buying Marchetti (bringing Kyle and Summer home)

What a nice surprise! Diane welcomes Kyle and Summer into her new suite – where Phyllis won’t be lurking about. No offense – but your Mother has it out for me. None taken, Summer’s well aware and there to support her husband. She also notices the decades-old framed photo of her, Jack and Kyle. Diane’s delighted to hear that they might be moving back to GC – permanently.

At Society, Mike’s got all the paperwork ready to sue Ashland. Victor wants that bastard in subpoenas and depositions – without hurting the company or Vikki. It won’t go to court, Mike’s sure. Good – Victor doesn’t want Ashland to have any reason to stay in town.

After Ashland’s lawyer leaves the coffee house to review his shared custody agreement with Kyle, Sharon marches over to reject his condolences – she has a few things of her own to say.

Over bubbly in the park, Jack won’t buy Marchetti unless it makes financial sense. Milan’s their home. GC’s their home, Phyllis is so optimistic that they toast with a donut.

Diane would love to spend more time with Summer and is free to stay as long as Kyle wants her to (no pressure) Ignoring a call from Victor, Summer and Kyle leave Diane giddily happy.

Knowing about the donation he made in Rey’s name, Sharon doubts he wanted it to remain anonymous. She also blasts him for lying about having cancer. Calling Ashland a slew of names (for what he put Vikki and Harrison through) she only stops when Noah arrives.

Adam joins Mike and Victor (who wonders why Summer isn’t answering her phone) at Society. He seems eager for Vikki to return soon and to ignore Ashland. Victor and Mike think Vikki should stay away – and will not ignore Ashland. In fact, Victor has a plan to get him out of town.

His offer to handle Locke declined, Noah and Sharon mention the photos the honeymooners are sending from Paris. Noah’s feeling a bit restless but isn’t going anywhere. When Ally arrives, his ‘wedding crasher’ joke goes right over her head – so he decides to serve her order himself.

Victor’s asked Summer to meet him at Society to ask that she get Kyle to cut all ties between Locke and Harrison.