Monday, May 30th, 2022

Abby’s brought Dominic to the penthouse. He’ll be staying with Devon and Amanda for a few days.

Nick’s glad to find Sharon smiling as she works. She reports that she got a lot off her chest with Ashland. Chance then stops by needing to talk to Sharon for a few minutes. Nick backs up a few feet but hovers protectively (or nosily)

Elena comes home exhausted just as Nate’s heading off to work. Both lament their busy schedules keeping them apart. Nate suggests a weekend date-night.

Diane sends Kyle a text asking if he’s free for lunch. Alas, he’s in meetings all day. Next, she types out a message to Jack but deletes it and leaves her suite.

Nick continues to observe Chance and Sharon making small talk about the wedding and how much they miss Rey. He’s closing Rey’s cases to honour him.

Devon’s still adjusting to being part of a team (as opposed to making all the decisions himself) Likewise, Amanda loves her sister – but they’re also adjusting to a new dynamic. We’re all family, Devon’s sure everything will work out.

Running into Nate at CL’s, Imani praises him as a forward thinker – between us, Devon and Amanda are a bit conservative; we bring new ideas and energy – let’s flaunt it; what’s the worst that can happen?

Napping on the sofa, Elena dreams that Imani’s taking Nate upstairs for a shower. Hello – I’m right here! she shouts, then awakens to shake her head.

Abby doesn’t exactly greet Diane with open arms and chortles when she goes on about Kyle insisting he pay for her stay at the GCAC.

Surprised to find Imani at CL’s in the middle of the day, Elena accepts the invitation to join her.

Billy and Nate are at Devon’s for a business meeting. Yes, they got Nate’s ideas for the launch but Devon doesn’t want to announce all the projects they’re working on.

Chance is gone and Nick’s in his place. Noting that they didn’t go to the cemetery on Cassie’s anniversary as they usually do, he worries that Sharon’s not doing as well as she claims.

For Kyle’s sake, Diane wants Abby to tone down her hostility when they run into each other. Abby will restrain herself in Kyle’s presence but since he’s not here maybe Diane should dine elsewhere.