Monday, June 6th, 2022

Running into Nick at CL’s, Nikki gives him a hug and is sad to report that the spa vacation didn’t help Vikki get over Ashland. She’s more conflicted than before. There seems to be no way to convince Vikki that she’s better off without Ashland.

What a beautiful morning, Vikki sits in bed wearing a white TGP robe. She knows her family won’t stop until she takes a stand. I love you; I choose you. Ashland couldn’t be happier.

At Newman Media, Victor updates Adam; that sonofabitch is still in town. He loves Vikki, Adam’s skeptical that Ashland will leave.

Hearing that Phyllis has gone to visit Daniel in Savana, Jack and Kyle appreciate Summer orchestrating a break from Phyllis and Diane fighting. On cue, Diane comes knocking – she has a great idea to kick off this beautiful day.

Diane’s treating everyone to breakfast. However, Harrison’s sleeping and Jack has some important calls to make. When Kyle heads out with Diane, Summer hangs back to make sure Jack’s OK. He is – everything will work out as it should.

Back at CL’s, Nikki and Nick acknowledge that they don’t have room to judge Vikki if she chooses to forgive Ashland. How many times has Nikki forgiven Victor? How many times has Nick forgiven Phyllis, and Sharon?

In an untenable position, Vikki’s sick and tired of her family controlling her (so ignores her Mom’s call and her Dad’s text) Ashland’s happy to hear that she wants to leave town and start over.

At Society for breakfast, Kyle and Summer are excited about Jabot buying Marchetti; and his presentation to the board this morning. Diane’s so proud she’s brought to tears.

Pledging her love for Ashland, Vikki wants to run away with him (this time for real) She downplays his concerns about whether Billy will let him spend time with Katie and Johnny.

Suspecting that Vikki wants Ashland to stay in town, Adam denies he’s thinking about replacing her at Newman. So, what do we do now? Victor doesn’t seem to know.

Ally and Jack bond over their love for running. She used to run with her Dad, but Keemo had bad knees; inherited from Jack. Hearing that she’s meeting Ashley to go see Jabot’s lab, Jack says that Keemo was a natural chemist. His joy was infectious.