Friday, June 3rd, 2022

What have you done now? Vikki asks her Father why Ashland paid him a visit. You must have provoked him. As Nikki gushes to Victor about Switzerland, Vikki reads a text from Ashland – I’ll never stop loving you.

In his suite, woe-is-me Ashland zips up his suitcase.

Jack’s moping is interrupted when Phyllis stops by the house. Are you going to invite me in? she flashes her pearly whites. We should talk; we’ve come so far. Jack reluctantly steps aside to let her in.

Vikki needs to go see Mark from accounting. No, she doesn’t want to spend the night at the ranch. No, she doesn’t want to dine with her parents at Society. After she hobbles out, Victor and Nikki agree that Vikki’s lying.

No one’s here, this shouldn’t take too long, Jack’s gruff. Phyllis apologizes and takes full responsibility; she feels threatened by Diane. I’m sorry, she repeats. I’ve done so well – but all my progress went away. It happened so quickly, and that’s what Jack can’t get over.

Ashland calls down to the front desk/bar to make sure someone’s there to check him out. The service in this hotel has been spotty at best. No, I didn’t enjoy my time in GC ~click~ He’s surprised when Vikki comes knocking.

Phyllis is sure Jack can get past this. Jack’s not so sure he can get over the ease in which she reverted to her old self. I can’t do this. He meant it when saying he didn’t want to be hurt. We took the time to build trust – you threw that away because of Diane. I’m DONE. Yes, this is the end – goodbye. On cue, Kyle and Summer enter laughing – with Diane!

At Society, Nikki tells Victor that Vikki didn’t want to discuss Ashland. She seems even more conflicted. Victor can’t believe that bastard still has a hold over her.

Ashland’s getting the hell out of this God-forsaken town and won’t look back. Without saying goodbye? Vikki wonders why he’s in such a rush. And why now? Ashland can’t fight anymore. I’ve lost, the Newmans win.

Updating that he convinced Kyle and Summer to file a restraining order against Ashland, Victor insists he’s not using Harrison as a pawn. Nikki purses her lips when he says they must prevent Vikki and Ashland from crossing paths.

What’s happened this past week? Vikki’s puzzled; knowing Ashland wanted to stay in town to be close to Harrison. You don’t know? Ashland’s relieved that she’s not in on it; the restraining order he’s sure Victor orchestrated.