Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

In her office, Vikki faces the wrath of her family. She doesn’t feel the need to defend her decision to forgive Ashland. He’s a liar, a fraud – can’t you see that he’s toying with you? Victor’s frustrated.

At CL’s, Sharon welcomes the honeymooners. She wants to hear all about Paris. Tessa would like some camomille tea – she needs to get over her sore throat before her tour starts. And now for another group hug.

In the park, Ally gushes to Noah about Jabot’s state-of-the-art lab; it’s dazzling. She’s honoured that Ashley and her team spent over an hour with her. Smelling the perfume on Ally’s wrist, Noah declares it ‘nice’.

Ally laughs at herself for being such a nerd. She’s a bit nervous around new people but is getting used to it. She loves the Abbotts and wishes her Dad had told her about them sooner.

Sharon gasps at the exquisite scarf Mariah and Tessa brought her from Paris. She misses Rey but is managing to keep busy. Faith will be off to the University of Michigan soon – crazy how time flies.

Vikki hasn’t decided where she and Ashland will go and wouldn’t tell her family anyway. We stood by you while he put you through hell! Nick’s horrified. You don’t have the right to tell me how to live my life! Vikki’s firm.

Noah talks about his Father and grandfather butting heads a lot over the years. Ally wonders if her Dad would be OK with her coming here. Noah thinks so and invites her to come along to CL’s to welcome the brides home. Ally would love to.

When the brides thank Sharon for their surprise honeymoon, she says Nick did most of the planning. Mariah and Tessa are surprised to hear that Vikki and Ashland broke up. Her family will get her through this, Sharon’s sure.

Vikki’s family takes turns trying to talk her out of leaving her dream job. Ashland’s a fraud!!! Victor bellows. He’s still the perfect man for me, Vikki’s leaving town and never coming back. This will be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make!! Victor points his finger. ‘Good bye Dad!’, she slams out.

Noah tells Ally that Mariah works at Jabot too – but not in the super-cool part. Mariah’s seen the lab and agrees that it’s impressive. Hey! We should take some photos in there to post on social media. While Noah goes to fetch their drink orders, Mariah would like to get to know Ally better.

Victor thinks Vikki insane for going back to that scum. Nikki couldn’t keep her away any longer. Adam knows how worried they must be – if there’s anything I can do… he leaves the Newmans to fret. Victor will not give up on his daughter.