Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

You think you’ll get what you want? Think again, Victor growls. Vikki’s getting what SHE wants, Ashland claims – she’s leaving GC with me. That’s love. Sure that Vikki will soon see Ashland as the parasite he is, Victor wishes Nikki hadn’t called 911 when he had a stroke on his living room floor.

At Chancellor, Billy doesn’t understand why Vikki would leave Newman at the peak of her success. He’s even more shocked to hear that she’s forgiven Ashland – and leaving with him.

Adam pauses his run in the park to send his Dad a text asking that they meet to discuss important Newman business. Chelsea comes along to point out that Connor’s over there at soccer practice if he’d like to stop by. His new coach reminds him of Rey, she comments. Yes, I’m OK – I’m not falling apart if that’s what you’re afraid of.

Running into Summer at CL’s, Sally’s surprised she was able to get away from Marchetti. Summer comments on Sally’s meteoric rise; you rode the train of Vikki’s wedding gown all the way to the COO’s office at Newman Media. We both have ambition, Sally retorts.

Spotting Diane at Society, Jack doesn’t manage to escape before she makes eye contact. Invited to take a seat, Jack looks surprised to find himself doing so.

Adam’s not worried that Chelsea’s going off the deep end but knows the signs that she’s troubled. Chelsea’s NOT troubled; working with Chloe and Lauren’s a dream. He worries that she (and Connor) are still mourning Rey. As they bicker, Kyle appears to ask if there’s a problem.

Back at Chancellor, Vikki reminds Billy that she forgave HIM many times. Your podcast’s all about redemption. As for the kids, she would never leave them behind. Billy doesn’t want his kids anywhere near that monster.

‘Hilarious’, Victor chuckles when Ashland says ‘love triumphs over everything’. He’d had given up, but then Vikki came to him – she loves me. You blew it – you drove her away. You trying to control her is what drove her back into my arms. You have no one to blame but yourself, Ashland concludes. This is not over, Victor slams out.

Diane thinks she and Jack can do better than small talk – we share a son, a grandson; history together. We can’t walk down memory lane without smashing into a boulder, Jack believes – but he can’t help but smile when they talk about Harrison.

Adam tells Kyle that he can relax (when it comes to Harrison) – Victor’s restraining order worked; Ashland’s leaving town. Kyle can’t take everything Adam says as gospel. Wise man, Chelsea mutters. After Adam goes to see Connor, Chelsea says that he’s a good Dad. No, you weren’t overstepping. She’ll buy him a coffee at CL’s to thank him.

Suspecting that Sally slept her way into her COO position, Summer stuns her with the news that she’s moving back to GC.

With the kids at boarding school, their lives won’t be immediately disrupted. And, we have joint custody, Vikki will just file a motion saying she’s moving out of state. Ashland’s a threat to our kids! Billy adds that Kyle has a restraining order against him. You’re making a mistake. Ashland’s going to hurt you again! Billy won’t let Vikki’s bad choices affect his kids. I WILL fight you on this!

Good for you, you deserve it, Sally recovers to say. Listing the many wonderful things in her life, Summer says ‘you really can have it all’. When Kyle comes over with Chelsea, Sally’s ‘suddenly skittish’ and in a hurry to get back to work. Let me know if your little fashion house needs a push from the giant media conglomerate Adam and I run.