Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

After Jack tells another Harrison story, Diane can’t wait for him to get to know his DD. She missed a lot of Kyle’s childhood but it warms her heart to see Kyle playing with Harrison the way Jack used to play with Kyle. But the camaraderie ends when Diane reminisces about Phyllis marking her territory. Oops. I guess that’s one of those boulders.

Adam thanks Victor for meeting him (in his office) We need to talk now that Vikki’s run off with Locke. The good points are that he’s leaving town. But with Vikki, Victor laments that she’s leaving the company and her family. He’ll get that bastard if it’s the last thing he does.

Jack stands and tosses his napkin on the table. Our history is too fraught for a walk down memory lane! Diane didn’t realize bringing up Phyllis would upset him so much. I was out of line, Diane’s sorry for who she was and what she did – for taking Kyle away – for a long list of things. Believe me, you’re at the top of the list of people I have to make amends to. As she wipes away tears, Jack sits back down.

Kyle’s humble as Chelsea relays how he rescued her during a ‘tricky’ run-in with Adam. Sally’s intimidated by you, Summer thinks. Chelsea doesn’t see why. She doesn’t want to gossip but …. once she got her claws into Adam things became uncomfortable. Chelsea’s much happier working with Chloe on an exclusive line for Fenmore’s.

Adam knows Victor must be frustrated – you invested time, energy and love in Vikki – groomed her to take over the company. She’s throwing it all away; lost her way, Adam knows it must be painful – you’ve always viewed her as your heir apparent. Victor’s coming around to Adam’s way of thinking. Vikki’s getting involved in something that may be irreparable.

Summer grills Chelsea to the point that it ‘feels like an interview’. Jabot’s buying Marchetti, Summer announces. Kyle and I were thinking about a collaboration between Jabot and Marchetti. Summer just wanted to get input from a designer. Chelsea’s excited – she’d love to work with Summer and Kyle.

Diane thanks Jack for joining her. She’s been a bit lonely. Living a lie in LA, she couldn’t get close to anyone. And here,she has to earn companionship – face the damage she’s caused head on. This time with Jack has given Diane hope. I have you to thank for that, she sniffles.

At Chancellor, Billy tells Lily that Vikki’s leaving GC – with Ashland; the man who lied about having cancer to get control of her company. I don’t understand it. Lily doesn’t either but we decided to let Vikki live her life the way she wants to. This affects my kids – Billy doesn’t want them anywhere near that monster. Enough is enough, Lily snaps.

Adam thinks Vikki might surprise them all by flourishing. Maybe it’s her destiny. Maybe it’s a reset for the whole family – we can become something greater. Maybe so, Victor doesn’t seem convinced.

When Vikki returns to the suite, Ashland notes that she’s traveling light (She’ll send for her things when they get to NY) Your Father was here, Ashland saw pain in his eyes. He’s the one who drove me away, Vikki points out. That’s exactly what I told him, Ashland knows that Vikki’s connection to her family runs deep – Victor will take advantage of that. That’s why she wants to go now – far away from her Father’s reach. The only problem is Billy. Ashland can’t risk her losing her kids. Vikki’s not worried – she will fight for them.

‘Enough’s enough’, Billy agrees – I need to protect my kids. No, Lily was talking about Billy – Ashland’s not a threat to Katie and Johnny. This is about your inability to let go of Vikki. Lily’s SO fed up with it and won’t put up with it any longer! Billy’s gobsmacked.