Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

At the podium, it’s almost speech time. Devon and Lily can feel the energy in the air. Well, let’s do this.

After a brief chat with Jill, Jack’s approached by Amanda; her friend made a mistake – she’s sorry. Yeah, so am I, Jack sighs.

After Abby summons everyone into the ballroom, Imani tells Nate that he doesn’t need luck. Nikki reassures Victor that Adam will be there. He’s at the office saying goodbye to Sally.

Chance calls Abby (from CL’s) to say that he wrapped up the case and is coming back to the hotel. Jack then watches Abby giving Diane an earful (bu Jack)

Cameras click and flash, hands clap – as Lily begins her speech by welcoming all.

After Abby clips-clops off, Diane asks Jack if Kyle will turn his back on her the way she did on him.

Lily leads the applause for Jill – then Devon, then her co-COO’s; Nate and Billy.

Despite reporters’ questions, Devon isn’t ready to reveal details of what projects CW has in the works.

Jack will meet Diane at Society. She leaves with a smug smile. When Chance arrives, Abby’s happy that there’s no drama tonight (since Diane’s gone)

Nate takes his turn and wastes little time going off-script. Lily, Devon and Billy squirm when he announces 50 new podcasts.

Victor and Nikki congratulate Lily and Devon; bravo to both of you.

Abby’s glad it all went well. Chance tells her about his exciting arrest; another of Rey’s cases closed. He’s no longer second-guessing himself.

Imani watches Nate telling the reporters that he can’t give anything else away. He then hopes Devon liked his speech. It was definitely unexpected, Devon manages.