Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

When Adam arrives, Victor gives him the good news that he’s the new CEO of NE.

Adam doesn’t know what to say – yes, he wants the job and has a ton of ideas. He looks forward to sharing the title with Nikki. No, she’s stepping back to be COO again. Adam won’t let his Father down.

Jack joins Diane at Society’s bar. Don’t worry, Kyle wants you back in his life again. She sheds tears of relief and hopes Jack will find a way to tolerate her.

Nate only said a quarter of what he wanted to say. Lily and Billy agree that he was right – Gwen’s onboard and so are the press. Devon’s the last to pick up a glass to toast – I guess everything worked out, this time.

Imani credits Nate for taking her advice – I’m usually right. You were charismatic, she didn’t think he looked nervous at all. Amanda glances over.

Jack’s still skeptical and not sympathetic. Diane will get through it. She’s sorry if she caused Phyllis to leave town. He won’t discuss it with Diane – understood?! Understood, she agrees.

Yes, Sally will be running Newman Media. After Nikki nudges Vicor out the door, Adam wastes little time telling Billy that he’ll be running Newman as of tomorrow. Nice party though.

Imani introduces herself to Jill and lets her know that this party was Nate’s idea. Amanda comes over to borrow her sister, leaving Jill tell Chance that Elena better watch out for that one. At the bar, Amanda and Imani argue about which one of them needs to ‘back off’.

In a better mood, Jack’s signing the check when Victor and Nikki arrive at Society.

After Jack announces that he’ll walk Diane out, Nikki and Victor are left to wonder how she and Ashland are forgiven.

Adam returns to the office with a bottle of bubbly. Sally’s thrilled to hear that they’ve both been promoted ~kiss~

Imani pretends to be jealous that John Carlo was talking to Claire in Accounting. Exhausted but flirty, she declines a nightcap.

Elena wakes up on the sofa when Nate comes home to say that he took a risk with his speech. Devon seemed good with it. The evening would have been perfect with Elena was there ~kiss~

Across the hall, Amanda shushes Devon’s grumbling with a kiss.

Billy continues his role of best supporting boyfriend. This was all you, baby. But, over Lily’s shoulder, he doesn’t look happy.