Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

At the house, Kyle’s unimpressed with Marchetti’s numbers – the last quarter was bleak – but we can turn it around, he assures Summer. Angelina’s COO made a lot of mistakes – hopefully, she’s OK with replacing him. Summer just got off the phone with Angelina – she’s made a decision that will open up a lot of opportunities for us.

Diane thanks Jack for joining her at CL’s (after they left Society) Jill’s also made a post-party pit stop at the coffee shop. She won’t rake Diane over the coals – coming back to face a town full of people who hate you is harder than dying.

Still at Society, Nikki worries – Vikki isn’t answering her calls. Victor doesn’t offer words of encouragement.

Ashland welcomes Vikki to their new (temporary) home; a swanky hotel in New York. This scares you, doesn’t it? He can tell.

Sally joins Adam surveying his kingdom (Newmans’ CEO’s office) It’s all yours now, she’s happy for him.

Back at CL’s, Jill’s full of advice for Diane – take kind words wherever you can get them. It’s foolish to hold grudges – we can’t change the past, so why not change ourselves?

Kyle’s stunned to hear that Angelina will walk away once the sale goes through. We’ll be able to replace her COO. No, not Summer – she wants to remain creative director. Listing the qualities of the COO they’ll need to hire, she has someone in mind – my brilliant husband!

As Adam gets comfy behind the CEO’s desk, he and Sally discuss replacing Vikki’s portrait. Billy was speechless when I told him, Adam reports. What’s Adam’s first move gonna be? When he takes Vikki’s portrait down, Sally approves – welcome to a new era of NE.

Nikki’s taking Vikki leaving worse than Victor. Disagreeing that they pushed her too hard, Victor just wanted Vikki to accept that Ashland’s a monster.

On their balcony, Ashland understands why Vikki might be scared. You walked away from a top job, your family. Ashland remembers how desperate he was to escape his Father. It is a bit unsettling, Vikki admits. We’re gonna take this city by storm, have a beautiful new home, glamorous parties, Ashland prattles on; bedrooms for the kids, maybe Harrison one day. They’ll also create a jaw-dropping new business.

When Jack stands to leave, Jill convinces Diane to stay with a reminder – I didn’t make the list of suspects in your murder.