Wednesday, June 15th, 2022

Having a ‘frank’ discussion’, Jill asks Diane what she’s after.

Step down as co-CEO of Jabot to become Marchetti’s CEO? Kyle can’t just abandon his job. Summer reminds him of what a great team they were. Kyle will think about it. When Jack comes home, Summer suggests he pitch it to his Dad right now.

Adam thanks Sally for coming here so late. She knows he wants to absorb it. We’re totally in synch. Sally’s even brought another bottle of bubbly. We’ve finally got everything we want.

Unpacking takeout from Ashland’s favourite ‘hole in the wall’ he already has ideas for their new venture. Vikki has ideas too; #1 – the Newman name won’t be anywhere near our new company.

Still loitering at Society, the Newmans continue to fret about Vikki. Victor’s sure she’ll be back as soon as she hears that Adam’s replaced her as CEO. Nikki’s not so sure.

Ashland understands why Vikki wouldn’t want ‘Newman’ attached to their new venture. Also, she’d like to start a media entity (to slap down Adam’s Newman Media) She’d like to use her art background, and bring fine arts into the digital age. My Father would hate it, but she doesn’t give a damn what he thinks. I’m free.

Updating Jack that Angelina’s retiring, Kyle floats the idea of taking over as CEO of Marchetti. Jack doesn’t want to lose him at Jabot. He’d still be under the corporate umbrella, Summer chimes in. Kyle changes the subject – he’ll think about it. Jack raves about the launch – but that’s not why he’s home so late. He had a pleasant dinner with Diane. Summer bets he’d rather have been with her Mom. What happened between you and my Mom? And Diane and my Mom? a frustrated Summer grills Jack.

Meanwhile, at CL’s, Diane insists she’s after ONE thing – a relationship with her son. Jill scoffs – you always have an angle. She noticed that Diane had a twinkle in her eye every time she looked at Jack.

Why on earth would Diane want to dredge up old history with Jack? She won’t deny feeling a connection to him – we share a son. Jill declares Jack the most eligible bachelor in the Northern Hemisphere. Making a long list, he checks all the boxes. Diane wonders if perhaps Jill’s the one interested in Jack.

Suggesting Summer pose her questions to her Mom, Jack calls it a night and goes up to bed. That leaves Summer determined to find out more – we both know what our Moms are capable of when they’re riled up, she tells Kyle.

Sally has a better way to celebrate. We’ll Christen Adam’s CEO office the same way they Christened the Newman Media office. I love you. I love you. Now it’s time to make a mess on the desk.

Still at Society, Victor thinks Vikki might have to crash and burn before she comes to her senses. Ashland will revert back to form – a leopard doesn’t change its spots. Nikki’s concern is that Vikki becomes a success on her own; she can kick Ashland to the curb and still might not come back to us, her family.

Our Mothers are a combustible combination but what can we do? Kyle wants to relax (while Phyllis is out of town) Summer knows her Mom won’t be happy to come home to Jack and Diane having late-night dinners. Kyle can’t ask his Dad not to be nice to his Mom. We should just let it play out. He’s got a big decision to make (after he and Summer make out)

We both know I’m not after Jack – but Jill thinks it would be a masterful move if Diane could make Jack forgive her. Then, everyone else would think you’re worthy of forgiveness. Before leaving, Diane admits that she’d be a fool to refuse Jack IF he wanted a relationship.

We’re together against all odds, Ashland jokes – we survived; everything seems new. We’re finally free (of your family) As he pours, Vikki’s smile fades.

You think I’d ever let our daughter slip away? Nikki now knows that Victor has another plan (besides making Adam CEO)

Sally’s wearing Adam’s shirt as she’s perched in his lap behind the desk. She toasts to their amazing new future. Instead of drinking, Adam watches Sally drink hers. His fleeting expression is hard to read.

Victor’s just waiting for Ashland and Vikki to make their next move – then he’ll have more cards to play against Locke; cards that will destroy that sonofabitch once and for all. ‘Cheers’, Victor clinks Nikki’s glass. Also wearing an odd little expression, Nikki doesn’t drink either.