Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Sally enters Adam’s office for her daily praise on her outfit. They’re doing a press conference announcing their new role. Today is going to be a turning point for everyone.

Finding Victor at Society, Mike reports that Vikki and Ashland are at a New York hotel. Hearing that Ashland met with a high-end commercial broker, Victor guesses they’re looking for a place to set up a new company.

Vikki’s still in her robe when Ashland returns to the suite. The whole business world is awaiting the press conference announcing her successor – and she plans to watch every minute of it.

At the house, Jack and Kyle are talking business when they’re alerted to the Newman press conference. Everything’s coming together for Kyl and Jack couldn’t be prouder. He then asks about Diane – is there a problem?

Summer’s at TGP to pick her Mom up for her meeting with Diane. This means a lot to my family. Phyllis reluctantly follows.

Kyle’s still giving his Mother the benefit of the doubt. Part of him wants to open his arms and let her in. But the trauma she inflicted on me isn’t the kind of thing you get past overnight. He wants to trust his Mother… but. Jack still won’t share what happened with Phyllis – but it wasn’t caused by Diane.

Vikki knows her Father named Adam CEO in hopes she’ll come running back to defend her turf. She and Ashland are alike when it comes to business; kindred spirits. While Ashland goes to change, Vikki checks to make sure the coast is clear – then calls Nick.

After helping Adam touch up his speech, Victor arrives at the office. Time for Sally to go schmooz with the press. No, Adam’s not having cold fit – he plans to make the most of this opportunity. Victor’s betting on him.

Telling Nick where she is, Vikki asks him to relay her congratulations to Adam. She won’t have time to watch the press conference because she and Ashland are meeting with investors. You’re starting a company to compete with Newman? Nick guesses. Without answering, Vikki has to go ~click~