Friday, June 24th, 2022

In her skin-tight, ab-revealing jogging attire, Ally’s stretching in the park when Noah joins her (as invited) After some of their typical quirky banter, off they sprint.

Nick’s unibrow is in full-furrow when he goes all Game of Thrones on Sharon – Dad made a mistake shoving Adam in Vikki’s chair before it was cold. Her reign may be over but the second round of games is about to begin! Winter is coming (paraphrased)

Mariah’s working remotely from home; she’s extra busy because Jabot’s buying Marchetti. She (and Tessa) are happy that Kyle, Harrison and even Summer are staying. Diane – not so much.

Reading Phyllis’ text asking if they can meet, Jack grimaces at his phone. Diane will give him some privacy by taking Harrison to the park. She hurries upstairs. Jack types out a reply – there’s nothing left to say. Seconds later, he’s grimacing at his phone again as it rings.

When he finally picks up, Phyllis can’t believe Jack’s calling it quits over that Diane thing. It’s between ME and YOU, but he agrees to talk – I’ll come to you ~click~ He blasts by Diane. Yeah, pack some snacks, take Harrison to the park – have fun.

Tessa’s been drinking a lot of tea and honey because her throat is aggravated. It’s probably allergies. Mariah thinks she should see a doctor. Tessa’s sure it’s nothing. Now it’s time for ‘a break’.

Sharon’s stunned when she finally coaxes it out of Nick that he’s so pissed off about his Dad naming Adam as Newman’s CEO (to get Vikki to come back) that it’s making HIM want to go back to Newman.

Nick won’t go as far as saying he wants to be CEO but he does want to have more input at Newman. The newlyweds come down to chat with him and Sharon. And, like any wife would, Mariah wastes no time blabbing that Tessa’s been drinking a lot of tea and honey. You should see a doctor, Sharon gives her second opinion (as Mariah knew she would)

After their run, Noah and Ally chat in the park. Both look awkward when Diane appears – oh, so nice to see you two.

Phyllis practically throws herself at Jack’s feet – thank you for this opportunity. Jack warns that his mind won’t be changed. You know better than to count me out, she says seductively.

Caving under the pressure from her wife and Mother in law, Tessa agrees to see a doctor about her throat. I knew I came to the right place, Mariah’s relieved. You’re welcome, Nick quips.

Much to Diane’s surprise, Noah makes it clear how much he dislikes her. You’ve done messed up things to my family, I won’t get over that anytime soon.

Jack doesn’t pick up his glass of wine, as Phyllis apologizes for flaunting their relationship in Diane’s face – it was immature and wrong. She won’t justify her actions – ‘insecurities are getting the best of me. I’m losing it. I regret my actions. I can’t believe I blew it when we were so close. Close to what? Jack snarls – we had a coupla passionate encounters, prompted by the arrival of a woman you hate. You’re only sorry because it backfired. Jack won’t repeat past mistakes. That fleeting moment we had is over. Phyllis has changed; and she’ll prove it to Jack.