Monday, July 11th, 2022

Running into Phyllis at the park, Kyle thanks her for taking the high road where his Mother’s concerned. Phyllis takes the high road daily, that’s why her hotel’s full. She’s the one who convinced Jack to give Diane a chance by the way. These niceties won’t go beyond politeness – leave me out of all celebrations involving Diane Jenkins.

At CL’s, Diane tries to run PR ideas by Summer. Unfortunately, she’s meeting someone – and no offense, but it’s best you don’t cross paths.

Traci interrupts Ally while she’s reading up on Jabot business; her internship starts this afternoon. Ally does have a question – What’s going on with Jack and Phyllis, are they a couple?

Nick’s gathered Sharon, Noah and Faith at Society to announce good news – Vikki’s home. And he’s going to work with her and Grandma at Newman.

Faith’s happy for her Dad – if he’s doing this for the right reasons. Noah’s surprised to be handed the reins to New Hope. I won’t let you down. Now, what’s your news? Nick asks. Noah hurries off to return a call.

Ally wonders why Phyllis called her – but it must be to get info on Jack. Traci thinks she should ask Jack. It’s natural to be curious but she can’t speak for her brother.

Kyle’s sorry his Mother invited Phyllis over to join their celebration the other day. She’ll show her true colours, Phyllis is sure. You showed your true colours by marking your territory in from of my Mother, Kyle fires back.

No, Summer’s not waiting for Phyllis, she’s waiting for her grandmother. Diane’s not afraid of coming face to face with Nikki but that’s exactly what happens when she leaves (so as not to put Summer in an uncomfortable position)

I was warned you’d be here and to make myself scarce, but Diane’s not intimidated by Nikki. Kyle and Summer hired me at Marchetti – I’m not going anywhere. She apologizes – hates who she was and what she did. Surely, you must have some regrets. Just because you’re sorry doesn’t mean I have to forgive you, Nikki purses her lips. Accept me or find a way to pretend I’m not around, Diane leaves Nikki fuming.

Phyllis cares deeply about Kyle and his Father – that’s why she’s so incensed they’ve welcomed Diane back with open arms. She’s evil. Kyle wisely concludes that Phyllis hasn’t had a change of heart; this truce is just for show.

Forget about me, Noah wants to toast to Faith going off to the University of Michigan. She’s taking two majors, business and marketing. When you know what you want, why waste time?