Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Meeting Chelsea at Society, Lauren’s excited to see her new designs, then astounded to hear there aren’t any. Chelsea had to take a sabbatical from designing. Her mental health must come before her job.

Devon, Lily and Nate are listening to Billy’s latest podcast – and him and Chelsea laughing afterward (the tape was still recording) There’s something there – the camaraderie – the give and take. You want to hire Chelsea? Lily’s surprised.

In her suite, Imani calls to confirm her dinner reservation – for two. When Amanda delivers some contracts, she’s not impressed to hear that Imani’s going out to a work dinner with Nate and Sally Spectra.

At Newman, Nick and Vikki chat about Faith’s interest in the family business. The Grinning Soul podcast has exposed Ashland; he has no credibility so isn’t a threat. Dad thinks he’s making his way back to GC, Nick relays.

In his hotel room, Ashland listens to the Grinning Soul. “The man lied about having cancer – Ashland Locke let his son think he was dying”. Open up! Adam demands. How did you find me? I’m my Father’s son (he knows how to get things done) What do you want? they both ask.

Sally sends Chloe a text – new developments here. Victor saunters into her office, takes a seat and picks up the nameplate on her desk; Sally Spectra, CEO, Newman Media. Hmmmm, he chortles.

Vikki doesn’t care if Ashland slithers back into town. He can’t hurt me anymore. Don’t be so sure, Nick suggests a security detail.

Adam assumes Ashland’s back for revenge – you ran into me on purpose. Ashland taunts him about losing the CEO job. Adam heard him listening to the Grinning Soul. He’s done with every single member of his family.

Victor asks Sally what Adam’s plans are – and don’t lie to me. Yes, she knows he rejected returning to Newman Media. You have no experience in this field. Sally’s skillset is translatable. Adam believes in my ability. She’s ready to prove it. To prove herself to Victor, Sally must convince Adam to return as CEO of Newman Media.

Back at Society, Lauren’s sorry that Chelsea’s struggling and that her partnership with Chloe has been dissolved. I took a chance on you – Fenmore’s is expecting your full winter line in two weeks. Informed that Chelsea’s brought in another designer to finish off the line, Lauren wishes her the best.

Chelsea was supposed to give off-camera feedback, now she wants to be on air talent? Lily frowns. Billy thinks he and Chelsea can make the podcast not so dour. Soon everyone’s laughing at Billy’s expense. Nate, Devon and Lily agree to give it a trial run. Now Billy just has to convince his co-host.

Amanda has no plans tonight – why don’t I join you? She’s not fooled – you’re finding every excuse to spend time with Nate – especially with Elena out of town.