Wednesday, July 13th 2022

At NE, Vikki and Victor make it very clear that Ashland’s not welcome there – but they do wonder why he came back.

A few floors down, Sally’s concerned that Adam’s out for revenge and will get himself in trouble. There’s nothing to worry about, Adam will find a solution. And he’ll make sure Sally stays in that chair, where you belong. What about where YOU belong?? she asks.

Joining Noah at CL’s, Ally excitedly babbles about her first day at Jabot. Oh, sorry (she remembers his New Hope dilemma) Sharon overhears Ally ask Noah if he’s decided to stay or leave New Hope.

Ashland’s here to collect his things; including some sentimental ‘nick knacks’. You beat me at my own game, he politely commends Vikki (and Victor)

Noah’s decided to leave New Hope. He’ll stay on while his Dad settles into his routine at Newman. He again asks Ally out to dinner. She’d love to.

You (Sally) deserve to run Newman Media, Adam wants out from under Victor’s thumb. He plans to convince Vikki to judge Sally solely on her merits. You’re extraordinary in every way ~kiss~ Let’s get out of here so I can show you how much I love you, Sally purrs.

Vikki’s surprised Ashland accepted defeat so easily. He whines about her giving info to The Grinning Soul but is hoping she’d show him some mercy. Ashland would like to see his son one last time. You mean Kyle’s son, Victor corrects. Please, you’ve taken everything else away from me – can’t you just give me this? he implores.

Ashland’s ‘Father to Father’ appeal is met with hostile rejection. And when Ashland hints that with nothing to lose, he’s dangerous, Victor gets in his face to say – harm any of my family and I will kill you myself. You’ll never see me again, Ashland passes Nick on his way out.

2 minutes of Sally and Adam making out in a hotel suite.

The date is on. Ally’s starving. She’ll go home and get ready. Noah will do the gentlemanly thing and pick her up at the Abbott house. After Ally leaves to get ready, Sharon comes out to chat to Noah. Yes, she heard him say he’s leaving New Hope.