Friday, July 15th, 2020

It’s not a good sign that no one told Sally, the CEO of Newman Media, that there’s a press conference. She and Chloe watch….

Amid flashes and clicks, Victor announces that Vikki’s back as CEO – Nikki will be her co-CEO – Nick is COO. Vikki’s looking forward to a new era for NE.

Now at the Abbott house, Summer’s settled Harrison in the kitchen with a snack. Diane’s happy to hear that he didn’t see Ashland arrested. Kyle joins them to say he’s nervous that Ashland take Harrison and run. Diane wonders if Kyle’s angry with her – you have every right to be.

Noah tells the three girls that he’ll bow out of New Hope as soon as his Dad’s settled in at NE. What’s next? He really enjoyed planning Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. Why not keep the party going?

Vikki tells the press that she appreciates Adam’s hard work while she was away, but he’s now decided to move on. Nikki chimes in – we wish him all the best in hisfuture endeavors. A reporter asks – where does that leave Newman Media? Is Sally Spectra still in charge? (still in the office with Chloe, Sally leans forward to listen)

Noah wants to lease Top of the Tower and make it a club; the coolest place in town. Tessa can perform there. You can’t afford me, she jokes. After Mariah and Ally go to get drinks, Tessa probes. At the bar, Ally tells Mariah that Diane sees her as a useful tool. Mariah advises her to stick to the core Abbotts – and Noah, he’s a good guy. Across the patio, Tessa’s thrilled that Noah’s interested in Ally.

Diane didn’t collude with Ashland – but she did let him get close to Harrison, I should have thought through it, she’s almost in tears. Kyle thinks she as smart to call Mike. Summer agrees – you handled it correctly. Kyle thanks his Mother for coming through for him today.

Vikki has high hopes for Newman Media – staffing realignment is still under consideration.

Closing her laptop, Sally’s as confused as Chloe – it doesn’t sound good.

Mariah and Ally are back with drinks. They toast – to friendship – to Tessa’s surgery going well – to Noah’s exciting nightclub plans. To first dates – cheers.

Press gone, Nick and Nikki praise Vikki. She’s just glad to be moving forward with her Mother and brother by her side. They wonder where Victor went.

Nice to see you – this is where you belong; a caged animal, Victor’s confident Ashland’s lawyers won’t do a damn thing. You’re using that boy to kick me while I’m down, Ashland thinks that despicable. YOU deserve to suffer loss. Is that a threat? Victor grabs him – no one breaks my daughter’s heart. I’ll follow you wherever you go.