Friday, July 15th, 2020

Where is my son!? Kyle shouts in the park. He’s down by the pond with your Mother, Ashland says. Mike warns him that the cops are here – plenty of witnesses saw you violate your restraining order. Ashland appeals to Kyle – I just wanted to say goodbye. I’m no threat to Harrison. You’re a threat to everyone, Nikki snarls – and now you’re going to a jail cell.

At Newman, Nick, Vikki, and her Dad are waiting for Nikki and Adam to start the meeting. Vikki isn’t expecting him – he claims that he and Sally have broken up.

In her office, Sally leaves Adam an urgent message. When Chloe arrives, she reports that he went to Chicago for the night. I’m worried.

Noah thanks Mariah and Tessa for joining him on the rooftop deck. They just came from getting a second opinion on Tessa’s vocal cords. It’s not great, she tears up.

Back in the park, Diane tells all that Harrison’s feeding the ducks with Summer. Thank you so much, Ashland sneers at her. Diane was only looking out for her grandson. When an officer arrives, Ashland follows without protest – he doesn’t want Harrison to see him arrested. When Mike gives Diane credit, Nikki purses her lips.

When Summer returns, Nikki reluctantly agrees with Mike that Diane did the right thing. Diane hopes that Nikki can see she’s one of the good guys. She did it for Kyle, Summer and her sweet grandson.

Tessa’s having surgery tomorrow (since the second opinion is the same as the first) She and Mariah are glad that Noah invited them out as a distraction. Ally arrives – this place is cool, it reminds her of rooftop restaurants in LA. Noah gets a text – New Hope business. You didn’t tell your Dad about your plans? Ally blurts out. What plans? Mariah asks.

Chloe doesn’t need details of Sally’s tryst with Adam. And him promising not to get himself in trouble means nothing. Sally worries that he’s out there exacting revenge right now.

Vikki and Nikki suspect this breakup could be a bluff to keep Sally in her position. Victor’s only concerned with Adam’s plans. He has no intention of coming back to work here, Vikki has no idea what he’s up to. Once again, Adam’s the wild card, Nick concludes.

Mike and Nikki are left in the park. We got lucky, Diane really came through. Nikki believes she was just trying to improve her image and is alarmed to hear that Ashland will be out on bail later today. They agree it’s a step in the right direction – he knows we aren’t messing around.

Victor’s disappointed that Adam’s left the company. He didn’t want to be my subordinate, Vikki didn’t try to change his mind – it’s best for the company. Sally’s of no use if she can’t get Adam to stay. Vikki will make a decision by the end of the day.

Chloe’s sorry Sally’s going through this uncertainty – but this is Adam. Sally’s been assured that her job’s safe so her offer to Chloe still stands. Oh wait – getting a text, Sally backpedals – our jobs might not exist anymore.

Noah’s fine with Ally letting the cat out of the bag – he’d ask Mariah and Tessa for advice anyway. Mariah clearly doesn’t approve of Noah staying in a job he doesn’t want.

Nikki arrives at the office to update that Ashland was arrested at the park. Vikki notes that her Dad’s not surprised – did you have a hand in it? Nikki adds that Diane was the one who tipped off Mike. But don’t buy it – she hasn’t changed.

Threatening a lawsuit, Ashland’s locked in a cell.