Thursday, July 14th 2022

Nikki joins Mike as he’s having breakfast at Society. She reports that Ashland is back and asking to see his son. It’s a good thing you and Victor had Kyle file that restraining order. Mike hopes he breaks it.

Phyllis accosts Ashland in the park – she will not ‘beat it’.And yes, she enjoys gloating over the fact that Vikki dumped him. You’re looking for Harrison, she guesses. You aren’t thinking of violating the restraining order, are you?

At Chancellor, Nate’s showing Lily photos of Elena having fun in Hawaii when Imani joins them in the office. Looks like Elena’s having fun, she’s glad Nate didn’t go – he was a big help last night. Oh? What happened last night? Lily’s curious.

On the GCAC rooftop bar, Chelsea thanks Kyle and Summer for the incredible offer at Marchetti but she won’t be accepting.

Is there anything we can do to change your mind? Summer asks. No, Chelsea’s taking a sabbatical from the stress of designing. She jumped back into her career too soon. Summer and Kyle are supportive – the offer stands when you’re ready to jump back in. Spotting Billy, Chelsea already has something to keep her busy. Summer and Kyle look puzzled when a grinning Billy makes a beeline over.

Back at Society, Mike explains the plan – when Ashland violates the restraining order, we have him arrested. Nikki’s outraged to hear that he asked Diane to set Ashland up.

Ashland’s just taking a walk in a public park. Everyone hates you, we’ve all listened to the Grinning Soul, Phyllis will call the police and Harrison’s parents if he violates the restraining order. She puts him on the same list as Diane. Left with his head in his hands, Ashland’s surprised to hear ‘Father’. Diane’s holding Harrison’s hand.

Harrison runs over to Ashland; who swoops him up. I’ve missed you so much. Diane watches silently.

Mike tells Nikki that Diane turned him down flat – she doesn’t want to alienate Kyle. Nikki hopes her new PI comes up with dirt on Diane. Mike’s investigators in LA did find something before we were pulled off the case – care to hear what they learned?

Nate explains that he and Imani were to meet Sally in hopes of getting Elena out of her contract but she bowed out last minute. Imani tells Lily that Nate was kind enough to stay and talk to her about her Mother. Though her smile’s in place, Lily looks mildly suspicious.

You’ve grown so much – Ashland’s sorry he hasn’t been able to spend time with his ‘son’. I’ve been traveling; busy with work. I may have to leave again soon. Ashland’s on the verge of tears (as is Diane; who flashes back to Mike asking her to bait Ashland into violating the restraining order) Diane will go get ice cream. Enjoy your time with your son.