Monday, July 18th, 2022

In the office, Vikki, Nikki and Nick agree that since Adam’s gone, Newman Media is the first order of business for the Newman execs.

Sally’s initially relieved when Adam appears in her office – then surprised when he gives her the cold shoulder

At CL’s, Noah and Ally chat and joke. Phyllis arrives – look at you two, so adorable.

Having drinks at Society, Ashley and Jack discuss how well Ally’s doing at Jabot. Asking what happened with Phyllis, Ashley assumes she ‘did a Phyllis’.

Adam lied about going to Chicago. He just needed time to be alone. He’s been questioning everything and has concluded that Sally is standing in the way of everything he wants.

Phyllis congratulates Ally on her new job at Jabot. Did Jack tell you I was once CEO of Jabot? How about I go get us some drinks and I’ll tell you all about it. We can’t, Noah reminds Ally that they have ‘that thing’. Oh right. After they escape, Diane smugly comments – you really know how to clear a room.

Jack tells Ashley that what he thought was an intimate moment, Phyllis used to send Diane a message. Ashley’s not surprised that Phyllis wanted to set some boundaries – this is Diane Jenkins we’re talking about. You think I should forgive her? Jack’s surprised.

We both know that Noah and Ally didn’t have a ‘thing’ to get to. Diane knows that Phyllis just wants to curry favour with Jack. Ally knows it too – and soon so will Jack. Using his granddaughter is not a good look.

Newman Media needs a qualified leader. Sally has no experience. Nikki finds her breakup with Adam ‘interesting timing’; it’s a scheme to keep Sally on. The decision made, Nikki has a meeting to get to. Nick and Vikki will go let Sally know that her services are no longer needed.

Going back to Sally ‘sabotaging’ Summer, Adam coldly says ‘You’ve become a liability’. You’re the reason I’m in this position. He’s not being cruel, he’s being honest. And, the only thing ‘crazy’ is that Adam was with Sally at all. He turns away to avoid her pain.

Sally puts 2 + 2 together. This is the ‘solution that works for everyone’. If you’re distancing yourself from me to protect my job, I don’t want it. Drop this cruel and pointless act. Tell me that’s what you’re doing and I’ll forgive you, she challenges Adam.

Ashley got the feeling that Jack had fallen back in love with Phyllis. Yes, Jack admits – that’s what made the betrayal worse. Ashley thinks she deserves a second chance. How can Jack forgive everything Diane’s done but not something Phyllis did to protect her rleationship. Your feelings for Diane are more complicated than you think.

Phyllis and Diane bicker at CL’s. You’re trying to use Jack’s grandchild to get into his good graces, Diane’s rebuilding her relationship with Kyle and Harrison. She’s so looking forward to working with her son, your daughter – and Jack. Get used to me being a permanent fixture. Nikki arrives to scoff – did she say permanent fixture? Phyllis and Nikki are glad Diane’s so confident – she’ll let her guard down, they’re sure.