Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

Fighting back tears, Sally has her to-go box packed by the time Vikki and Nick come back into the office to say they’ve decided to keep her on – at least for the short term. What’s the catch? Sally’s suspicious.

Jack comes home to interrupt Noah and Ally kissing. Hearing that they were at the GCAC pool, he invites them to use the pool out back anytime. Noah’s left to reassure an embarrassed Ally that Jack’s likely forgotten about their kiss already.

At Society, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley get down to business – how do we get rid of Diane?

Getting no answer when knocking on Ashland’s door, Adam convinces a housekeeper to let him in to check on his friend. Both are stunned to find the room completely trashed.

Vikki and Nick will keep Sally on as Newman Media’s interim CEO for 90 days, then evaluate her performance. Sally knows she can do this job without Adam’s help. You won’t regret this decision, she promises. Good, Vikki looks forward to working with her.

Your friend must be a troublemaker, the housekeeper comments. You don’t know the half of it, Adam deadpans. A bedraggled Ashland appears in the doorway to ask ‘what are you doing here’? Were you robbed? Should we call the police? Adam asks.

Phyllis isn’t the best one to talk to Summer about opening Kyle’s eyes. She’s surprised that Ashley knows what happened between her and Jack. ‘For the record’, Ashley doesn’t blame her and told Jack so. What did Phyllis do? Nikki’s out of the loop.

Wanting to spend more time with Ally, Noah suggests they go back to the rooftop later for some dancing. Starting work tomorrow, Ally doesn’t want Jack to get the wrong idea. Noah hopes he’s not the one getting the wrong idea.

Sorry about the mess, Ashland hands the housekeeper some cash and promises to clean up himself. Adam’s not surprised to hear that Ashland spent the night in jail (thanks to Diane, and Victor) What do you intend to do about it?

Vikki and Nick toss out the names of a few candidates with experience to be named COO. Sally explains that she’s already chosen Chloe (and why) Vikki agrees to it – you can rise or fall together.

Ally’s blown away by how fast her life’s changing; new family, job, home – and now ‘this’. She’ll see Noah later on the rooftop and maybe then you can tell me how that talk went with your Dad. But, before he leaves, Ally pulls him back for another kiss.

Back at Society, Phyllis sums it up by saying she was trying to send a message to Diane – what’s done is done, she waves it off. Nikki agrees with Ashley – Diane’s a predator. Ashley doesn’t think going to Jack will work – his feelings for Diane are complicated. What’s that supposed to mean!? Phyllis is alarmed.

Nick and Vikki want to help Sally as much as they can. No, not to keep tabs on her. Assuming Adam’s warned her not to trust them, they think she’s better off without him (and wouldn’t have this opportunity otherwise) You can count on me, Sally’s left to gasp behind her desk.

Adam presses Ashland to strike back. My family will tell the press that you were arrested and when they’re done with you they’ll come after me. Are you going to give up? You know me better than that, Ashland replies.