Thursday, July 21st, 2022

No sooner has a nervous Vikki locked her front door when Billy knocks. Once inside, he reports that he and Lily are going out of town – he can’t pick the kids up from camp. Are you OK? You seem tense.

Sally thanks Chloe for meeting her at Society – and even happier when she accepts the job offer (both are on a trial basis) She has no idea they broke up – but can feel the tension when Adam walks in.

On the patio, Noah babbles a bit. He’s been looking for something to give his life meaning and thinks he found out what that is. Nick guesses – you want out of New Hope.

Vikki tells Billy that Ashland was arrested for violating the restraining order. He’s out on bail now – she wished he’d just leave. When a tree branch blows against the window, Billy notices her flinch.

Noah explains how right it felt planning Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. He doesn’t want to be a wedding planner. Nick wonders what he’s talking about.

Billy and Vikki chuckle about how scared the kids used to be by the creaks this old house makes. Both see no reason for Ashland to stay in town. But, when Billy expresses concern, Vikki tells him not to worry about her. Saying she’ll pick the kids up, she hustles him out, locks the door and yanks the curtains closed.

Sally jumps up to chase after Adam – don’t run away. She refuses to believe that he’s willing to throw it all away.

Adam repeats that Sally’s standing in the way of him proving himself to his Father. You should be proving yourself too – not chasing after a man who doesn’t love you. It’s over. Accept it. Everything alright? Chelsea appears to ask (then is left to look at Sally when Adam bolts)

Nick is indeed surprised to hear that Noah wants to merge his passion for photography, art and transforming spaces into something new and exciting – Top of The Tower. No, he hasn’t run this by his Grandpa. Nick thinks it an inspired idea – I love you ~hug~

Vikki’s working at her desk as the storm continues outside. Hearing a knock, she tears open the curtains and is horrified to see Ashland.

Sally rejoins Chloe to update that she and Adam broke up. Getting no details, Chloe thinks she’s better off – don’t let him cost you everything. You have bigger fish to fry. Chelsea comes over full of fake concern for the way Adam just treated Sally.

Noah was prepared for this conversation to go differently though Ally told him it wouldn’t. Nick will always support Noah no matter what. Keep me posted, he sends Noah home to get ready for his date. When Nick comes inside, Billy tells him that Vikki’s on edge. We both know what Ashland’s capable of.

What the hell are you doing? Vikki shivers – spying on me from the bushes?! Maybe I should call the police and get a restraining order. Ashland just wanted to see her one more time. I don’t know how to say goodbye.