Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

Over wine at Society, Nick and Vikki debate whether Adam’s really broken up with Sally – or if he’s up to something.

Finding Adam in Vikki’s office, Victor asks what it would take to make him stay.

Noah admits to his Mom that he likes Ally – he’s never felt so comfortable with someone so quickly. No, it’s not a bad thing, he just wonders if it can go anywhere.

At the house, Ashley loves how excited Ally is about her first day in Jabot’s lab tomorrow. It doesn’t take long before Ally realizes the topic of this conversation is Diane.

Phyllis calls out to Jack as he strolls through the park. Awkward greetings aside, there’s something she wants to say – about his sister.

Ashley understands the way I reacted to Diane. You respect her opinion. Does her stance not change yours? At all? Phyllis swears that Diane was never more important than her feelings for him. Jack has to get to the office.

Vikki lists Adam’s character flaws – there’s no room for him at Newman. But, it does feel right to have Nick by her side. He drinks to that.

Back at the office, Adam denies that he end things with Sally to save her job. Victor isn’t convinced. Why walk away from the family/company? Do you dislike us that much?

Adam doesn’t feel hatred – try humiliation, betrayal. You’ve been jerking me around like a puppet. I’m never good enough to be a real Newman. Victor’s astounded – that upsets me, you’re my son. Not everyone will go quietly into the night – like Ashland Locke. You all are in for a rude awakening.

Over iced tea, Sharon gets it. Noah has a type – drama queens, troublemakers, women with baggage. Maybe he grew up believing relationships are supposed to be complicated (which isn’t the case)

Ally understands why people don’t trust Diane but can’t help but feel grateful. Phyllis and I know how manipulative she is; Diane used you to connect with Kyle. Sure she isn’t finished scheming, Ashley wouldn’t want Ally to be used again.

Phyllis is puzzled to find Lily waiting for her at the hotel bar. I have an offer for you, Lily wastes no time.

Knowing that Victor set Ashland up for arrest, Adam warns that he’s now looking for payback. Damn right, I set him up! Victor wonders how Adam knows all this. I’M your concern? Adam scoffs. Yes, Victor isn’t concerned about Ashland. His concern is Adam coming back into the fold.