Friday, July 22nd, 2022

There’s only one way for this to end! Ashland shouts as Nick knocks on the front door, then calls. Thinking quickly, Vikki claims her security detail calls every 15 minutes. They’ll come if I don’t answer. Then we better make this quick! says the Locke Ness Monster.

Arriving at TGP, Nikki’s on the phone with Victor. Adam thinks Ashland’s out for blood?! She’s worrying about Vikki when Phyllis joins her to blather on about Diane (the reason they’re meeting)

Get in here! Jack lets Diane in. They joke about the wicked wind – a bad omen that means trouble’s right around the corner – and here you are, he jokes. He’s glad to see Diane – to thank her for protecting Harrison in the dark.

Nick leaves a message for Vikki – maybe you’re asleep – call me and let me know you’re safe.

* No proofreading or spellcheck. I spent all my time adding sassy comments.

Why should Ashland believe Vikki? You’ve been lying to me for weeks! MY lies!? MY deception!? Vikki’s indignant. You’re no better than me! Ashland bellows. He wishes he’d left her to die in that burning car. At least then he could believe she loved him ’til the bitter end!**
Diane’s humble as Jack showers her with praise for her bravery in the park. She’d do anything for Kyle. She’s there on a business matter. But since Jack owns the parent company perhaps he can help.

Back at TGP, Phyllis is annoyed that Ashley’s not meeting them – nothing’s more important than getting rid of Diane! Summer’s ready to pin a medal on her. I was there! Nikki squawks – All she did was text Mike. Ashland Locke’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Breaking free from Ashland’s grip, Vikki gives him a mighty shove and grabs the fireplace poker. Hurtling through the french doors, Nick asks ‘what’s going on’!? Your sister and I are saying our final goodbyes, Ashland answers.

Amused and flirtatious, Jack can’t believe Diane needs his advice. Drink? Smooth, smokey and at least 25 years old? she flirts back.