Friday, July 22nd, 2022

Back at the hotel, Nikki and Phyllis gripe about Mike fawning over Diane. Ashland was released from jail in no time and is even more furious, Nikki adds.

After some shouting and shoves, Nick delivers a right hook that sends Ashland head first onto the brick fireplace. Ashland!? he and Vikki look horrifed as he lays there motionless.

Nikki and Phyllis need to come up with a foolproof plan. Phyllis has one – what if we sabotage Diane’s job at Marchetti so that Kyle loses faith in her? Nikki likes it – but how do we set up this ‘spectacular fail’?

Meanwhile, Jack and Diane continue to chat over drinks. She doesn’t want to let Kyle down and must impress Summer. When Jack wonders if she really came to see him, Diane’s coy – I’ll never tell.

Get up! Nick’s not buying Ashland’s act. I can’t feel a pulse, he backs away. Vikki can’t either. And now she’s got blood on her hand (literally)

Confiding to Nikki that she didn’t accept Summer’s offer of a job at Marchetti because she thought she had a future with Jack, Phyllis will do whatever it takes to get this bitch out of their lives.

Diane can’t believe she’s back in GC working on her relationship with Kyle. Jack’s supportive – this PR job will entail honesty. Diane wishes people would stop rubbing her past in her face. Old habits die hard, Jack says without malice.

Nick comes back from closing the french doors. Any luck? Nope – Ashland’s still dead. Refusing to call the police, Vikki’s not so sure they’ll agree it was self defence. Call Chance then, Nick needs to get some air.

Chance is at CL’s for some coffee – he’ll have to work late. Things get weird in weather like this. Oops. It’s just a few fallen trees, he’s just finished telling Sharon when Vikki calls to summon him to the house.

When Vikki comes outside, Nick’s a mess. I was just trying to stop Ashland; I didn’t want him to die. Of course not. Nick now needs to walk it off.

Diane’s not taking this opportunity for granted. Working with Kyle and Summer is more than she could have hoped for. She also appreciates that Jack didn’t block her. What are the odds that we can be friends? You don’t want to know, Jack’s cold.

Vikki asks Nick if he’s calmed down. You saved my life tonight. Ashland was going to kill me, she’s grateful. Nick’s glad he could be there for her – but I took a man’s life tonight. After a hug, they walk back to the house.

Coming downstairs, Diane thanks Jack for letting her peek in on Harrison. It warms her heart when she hears him say ‘our grandson’ (even though he doesn’t know it) That’s for Kyle to decide, Jack walks Diane to the door. The wind’s let up – maybe there’s no trouble after all, Jack’s left smiling.

No, Phyllis can’t tell Summer that she had a change of heart about working for Marchetti – or can she?

The wind’s still blowing leaves around as Vikki and Nick go back inside. What the hell? The french doors are rattling, the blood’s still there – but Ashland’s body is gone!

My Thoughts: Oh look, Chrystal’s back. And guess what she’s wearing! … Why is Nick ordering Vikki to call the police? Isn’t his phone in his pocket? And if he wanted some air, he could open the french doors he just closed First air, now a walk? What will he need next? .. Of course Sharon’s thinking of Rey on a night like this? How is wind the same as fog? Is every night of inclement weather going to make Sharon all mopey? … Sooo, Phyllis came up with this ingenious idea to sabotage Diane’s job but never occured to her to work for Marchetti herself? … Cute that Nikki thinks TGP runs itself – when there’s never anyone running Newman… Is Diane carrying a briefcase? If so, why? And since she has absoultely no experience in PR why would she be expecting anything above an entry-level position at Marcetti? Imagine being an experienced PR person who’s been with Marchetti for years – and you uproot your life to move from Italy to the U.S. – only to be leapfrogged over by the brand new CEO’s Mom. Everyone starts in the mailroom, Diane! Oh wait. I’m old. Since email, I guess no one’s pushing around a mail cart (except maybe in prison. Not that I’d know) … Oh come ON. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! How many times would your fireplace poker have to be used as a weapon before you ripped the fireplace out (or at least retiled or painted over it)? And how many ‘dead’ bodies would walk out of your front door before you put your house on the market?