Monday, July 25th, 2022

Wrapping up his talk on being an Abbott, Kyle hopes Ally will stick around. He’s sorry he didn’t get to know Keemo, his brother. She speaks highly of Jack and all the warm/welcoming Abbotts. He’s glad she’s found her place. Turning to look over at Noah, she is too.

Meanwhile, Noah tells Summer that he’s leaving New Hope. Dad’s surprisingly accepting. He’s probably more ‘hands off’ because grandpa had such a heavy hand in his kids’ lives. He wants something different for us, Summer agrees.

Nick picks up the story – Ashland was in a rage. I stopped him from attacking Vikki; ‘socked him in the jaw’. He hit his head on the fireplace. We both checked his pulse – Vikki tried to revive him. Nick was so upset about taking a life that he felt the need to go out for air. Vikki followed him. When they came back inside, Ashland was gone.

Sally just heard everything Adam said – you were setting me free to let me soar. She doesn’t want this ‘crazy’ grand gesture. Adam was lying to Sharon (about having a noble reason) because he cares about her opinion. Called ‘pathetic’ and ‘desperate’, Sally slaps Adam, then kisses him.

Can you really say you don’t miss that? That you don’t miss us? You can lie to everyone but that kiss says you love me as much as I love you. Newman Media is just a job – what you and I have means so much more. After another kiss, Adam says she’s making a fool of herself. Accept it and move on. She’s left reeling; Sharon in the background.

Chance shines his light on the fireplace; lots of blood, Ashland must have concussed himself. Sometimes a pulse is hard to find. If he was able to stumble out of here, he’d be weak and disoriented. Chance guesstimates that he got there 15 minutes after Vikki called him. What are you suggesting? Victor seems to take offense.

Prodded by Ally, Noah shares his plan to remake Top of the Tower into a glam, loungey nightclub, as he did for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding. He’s working on a pitch for grandpa. Summer hates to be a downer but ‘you may have hit your first roadblock’.

Knowing that Victor uses Top of the Tower as a second office ‘a lot’, Summer (and Kyle) aren’t sure he’ll go for a ‘glam vibe’. Noah’s seen photos of grandpa in the 70’s; dude was a stud. Yes, but he was less of a Bowie, more of a Burt Reynolds, Summer puzzles Ally (who’s that?) She has another idea; there’s an amazing spot on the floor top of my Moms’ hotel. If you could get it ready in time we could host Marchetti’s winter fashion show there. Noah will keep that in mind if grandpa doesn’t go along with it. ‘To new possibilities, the foursome toast.

No, Sally’s NOT OK. Yeah, she does want to talk about it. She always prided herself on being able to read people – she doesn’t know what to believe. Adam claimed that he lost everything because of me but just told you (Sharon) the exact opposite. He told me he was lying to you. Sally’s head’s spinning. Am I fooling myself? Sharon believes the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Basically, she believes Adam needs to step away. That’ll give you a chance to prove yourself. It’s a Newman Trait to believe they’re protecting people (just like they did with Vikki) How can I stop Adam from being noble and just love me again?

Chance is just trying to make sense of what he’s seeing and being told. Ashland couldn’t have gotten far. No, Nick didn’t see his car. Chance is sorry; he didn’t realize things had deteriorated this much. Victor puts the kibosh on alerting Kyle and Summer; Harrison’s probably asleep. Send a squad car to check the neighbourhood. Taking his orders, Chance asks Vikki if she wants Ashland arrested. Yes.

There’s no easy answers when it comes to Adam, Sharon knows Sally’s success was tenuous as long as she was involved with Adam. Vikki neither likes nor trusts him and Nick wavers between tolerance and hatred for his brother. Sally understands that Adam’s a flawed and complicated guy – but why do they all have to be so involved in every single thing? They’re Newmans – they come as a package deal. Sharon then asks Sally how much she values her job. If it’s less important than Adam you’ll just have to find a way to prove it to him.

In his suite at TGP, Adam flashes back to what just happened with Sally (primarily the kiss) Can you really say you don’t miss that, that you don’t miss us?

Chance will get as many eyes on the road as he can. Is there anything else you want to tell me; anything you may have left out? Nope. As soon as Chance leaves, Nick asks his Dad what really happened here tonight.