Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Questioned by Nick, Victor insists he just found out what happened while Chance was there. We won’t let anything happen to you, he assures Vikki.

Adam’s laying in his hotel bed – wondering why Sally’s there. She’s a Dicken’s ghost giving him a do-over so he can make the right choice.

Nick agrees with his Dad; Vikki should stay at the ranch until Ashland’s found. He has no clue how Ashland got away but willing to face the consequences. You’re a good person, his father and sister agree.

Mike arrives at CL’s as Chance is briefing a uniformed policewoman. Summoned over, Chance wonders why he’s so interested; did Victor send you fishing?

As Victor’s attorney, Mike would like to relay and news that might put the Newmans minds at ease. Family or not, Chance will play this by the book. He’ll keep his promise to update Victor when he learns anything. Mike’s left looking annoyed.

Nick suggests his Dad take Vikki to the ranch – he’ll stay to lock up; maybe burn some sage to get rid of bad energy. After a hug, he’s left to relive the night’s events.

Sally had housekeeping let her into their room. Where else would you go? I understand you. Adam continues to resist – let me go. There’s no future for us; I don’t want one. Sally doesn’t want to lose what they have.

Left alone with Ashland’s blood stain and his own thoughts, Nick stoops down examine a ring found on the floor by the Vikki’s french doors.

Stopping by Newman for some work folders, Vikki and Victor update Nikki. Nick calls to describe the signet ring to Vikki. Ashland put it in his pocket, Vikki never wants to see it again.

Sally doesn’t take kindly to having her own feelings explains to her. She’s NOT confused. After facing disappointment many times in her life, Adam healed the black hole inside of her. I’ve never stood between you and what you wanted. We want the same things – together. Adam’s almost in tears.

Vikki tells her Mom how Nick defended her – Ashland had no pulse – then he disappeared. Victor agrees with Nikki – the only thing that matters is that you’re safe. Getting a call, he steps into the hallway. Yes, Mike’s keeping his eye on Chance.