Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Nick correctly guesses that Mike was on the phone with his Dad. No, Chance hasn’t told him anything; he’s not in a ‘sharing mood’. Before Nick goes to question him, Mike has a question for Nick.

That was beautiful but Adam doesn’t feel the same way Sally does. He’s moved on. Sally warns that she may have moved on too by the time he realizes the mistake he’s made.

Back at CL’s, Nick goes over his emotions with Mike. You’re a good man who had every right to defend his sister. Ashland will be found – take care of yourself. Nick then joins Chance on the patio to give him Ashland’s ring.

Vikki’s reminded of JT, but he had a medical reason for his actions (unlike Ashland) I have a blind spot when it comes to men. You all tried to tell me – how can I forgive myself? she asks her Mom.

Vikki’s disgusted by everything Ashland did – it felt so good taking everything from him. Maybe I took too much. Nikki won’t shed tears over ‘Bobby DeFranco’. He doesn’t deserve you or your sympathy. Victor returns to say he couldn’t agree more.

Back on the patio, Nick tells Chance that he found the ring on the ground at Vikki’s. She said Ashland didn’t throw it. No, he hasn’t found Ashland yet. Weird, right? Chance suspects Nick might have something more to say.

Adam’s surprised when Sally jumps up to say she’s had her say and will be resigning from Newman Media tomorrow. She doesn’t want a job that cost her happiness.

No, Nick has nothing to add – it’s been a long night. When Chance gets a call, he’ll be right there. Pressed for info on Ashland, he tells Nick that a car was found at the bottom of a ravine. Stay out of it, he warns before leaving.

Adam pours himself a drink then calls to book a flight to Vegas first thing in the morning.

Sally joins Nick at CL’s – world falling apart and wishing for a do-over? How can you tell? he sighs. You look like hell, Sally’d like to buy him a coffee – misery loves company.

Agreeing to go home with her Mom, Vikki thanks her ‘Daddy’. I’ll always protect you, Victor wants them all to be safe. Mike arrives to express concern for the ladies – then is left to update Victor that Ashland’s car has been found. With him inside? Mike nods. Good.