Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

At CL’s, Nick doesn’t mean to be rude but he doesn’t want to talk about business or Adam. What happened? Sally asks.

Mike ends a call to update Victor that his security team’s been briefed. Seated behind Vikki’s desk, Victor appreciates what his old friend’s done for him tonight – I won’t forget it.

Phyllis joins Summer at Society. No, she didn’t ask her to come without Kyle so she can bash his Mom. Frustrated, Summer lists everything on her plate (work, not food) First round’s on Phyllis (so is every round thereafter)

When Sally announces that she’s respectfully declining the CEO position, Nick’s not having it – the hell you are!

Expecting an update from Chance, Mike suggests Victor go home to Vikki. He can’t go home to Lauren because Victor should have his attorney present when they hear from Chance (he’ll have questions) On cue, Chance calls.

Nick doesn’t think Sally confirming Adam’s reason for dumping her a reason she should resign. You’re making excuses for him just like Sharon did. Don’t make the same mistake she and other women have made with Adam. Getting a summons from his Dad, Nick’s gotta go. He hopes Sally will reconsider.

Over wine, Phyllis wastes little time asking if that marketing job is still open. Are you asking if you can work at Marchetti? Summer’s surprised.

Phyllis turned the job down because she wasn’t ready to relocate to Italy and now that Marchetti’s relocating to GC …. Summer has to ask if her sudden interest in the job is because Kyle just hired Diane.

Meeting Sally at the office as requested, Chloe asks what’s going on. Oh, this is about Adam, isn’t it? she guesses correctly.

Meanwhile, at NE, Nick notices that Mike and Victor seem pretty calm considering Ashland’s on the loose. They’re both sure he’ll be found and arrested soon. Chance arrives with an update – the car at the bottom of the ravine was Ashland’s. Yes, he’s in it – dead (he glares at Victor)