Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

Sally confides that Adam broke up with her so Vikki wouldn’t fire her. She told him she’d resign. You’ve since realized that would be crazy – right??? Chloe clearly hopes so.

Phyllis is doing everything she can to stay away from Diane. Kyle hiring her will end badly. You’re hoping so, Summer suspects. Phyllis just wants to work alongside her daughter – it’ll be fun.

Did Ashland die from injuries he sustained in the crash? Nick asks. The autopsy will tell us that, Chance will let Victor break the news to Vikki. How did you end up at her place anyway? he’s surprised to hear about Victor’s security team? Did they follow Ashland?

Summer admits that she’s a bit jealous that Kyle gets to work with his Mom. She’ll run it by him. Phyllis won’t let anything or anyone jeopardize her relationship with Summer so will steer clear of Diane.

Victor explains that his security team saw Nick go into Vikki’s – then called him after seeing them both leave in an agitated state. Chance didn’t see any security. That’s because Victor told them to take the rest of the night off. They didn’t go look in the window??? Chance denies he’s interrogating Victor – he’s trying to establish a timeline. After Chance leaves, Nick wonders what his Dad and Mike are hiding.

Sally doesn’t want to quit and Nick just warned her not to be another woman to make a bad decision due to Adam. She called Chloe over to talk it through. Adam used reverse psychology, Chloe’s sure that Sally’s ‘begging’ is feeding his massive ego. It’s all he knows and all your life will be if you give up this opportunity to be with him.

Dodging the question, Victor and Mike tag-team Nick with rapid-fire scenarios of how Ashland likely died; it’s not your fault. Nick heads out for a drive to clear his head.

Yes, love is more important than a job IF it’s with the right person. Chloe implores Sally not to make the same mistake Chelsea did (obsessing over Adam) You’ve proven that you deserve the job with your hard work. Where’s the Sally Spectra that came to GC vowing to prove herself??? You’re not a quitter. Taking it all in, Sally nods.

Enjoying dessert and tales of the adorable Harrison, Summer spots her Dad and invites him to join them. You look upset, Phyllis observes. Ashland’s dead, Nick shocks them.

I’m not a quitter, Sally agrees – and with Chloe’s help she’ll make the most of this opportunity she’s been given. Correction – the opportunity you’ve EARNED, Chloe’s excited and honoured. It is on, Sally tells her COO to Go home and get some sleep – tomorrow we move full throttle.

Victor thanks Mike – you’re one helluva lawyer and friend. It’s not over yet, Mike’s sure Chance will have more questions. The assumed story is plausible and impossible to disprove – Ashland woke up, got into his car (which was parked behind Vikki’s house) realized he had nothing left to live for – and drove himself into a ravine.

Near tears, Summer must go home to Kyle; they’ll have to find a way to break the news to Harrison. That leaves Phyllis with Nick – look at the bright side; it’s finally over. Yes, it’s over, Nick agrees.

It doesn’t look like it’s over for Chance. He’s at CL’s – frowning at Ashland’s signet ring.