Thursday, July 28th, 2022

I just landed on the East Coast this evening. FINALLY getting to meet my grandbabies!! I’ll try to stick to the schedule but delays are possible.

Ashland’s death hasn’t hit the news if that’s what you’re looking for (Chance catches Nick checking his phone) He’s come to speak to both Nick and Vikki. She left this morning, Nick informs.

In the living room, Kyle was up all night – he and Summer must find a way to tell Harrison about Ashland’s death. Jack understands – he remembers telling Kyle that his Mother had died.

At CL’s, Sharon hears Adam confirming his flight – one seat. She assumes he and Sally didn’t work things out then.

In the park, Mariah tries to give Tessa a pep talk. Surgery set for that day, Tessa can’t help but worry she might lose her one talent; and her music career.

You’re an amazing songwriter and lyricist, Mariah will spend the rest of her life convincing Tessa that she has many talents. The procedure will go well – focus on healing ~hug~

Sharon’s sorry to hear that Adam’s not back with Sally. She accepts your flaws and loves you. Sharon convinced Sally not to give up on Adam. I thought you had feelings for her too.

Vikki didn’t ‘bolt’ – she went to pick her kids up; she has to tell them that their stepfather is dead. Nick tells Chance that Ashland was homicidal but has no idea if he was suicidal. He’s surprised he was able to drive a car after being left for dead.

Adam needs a break; he’s going to Vegas. Sharon hopes he won’t fall into old habits. Adam leaves when Mariah and Tessa drop by.

Jack goes upstairs to get Harrison; leaving Kyle to agonize – I can do this. WE can do this, Summer corrects. Jack returns with Harrison.

At Newman, Nikki thanks Chance for finding Ashland – she’d like to spend some time with Nick. Chance leaves – if you hear from Vikki, have her call me. Nikki doesn’t want Nick to blame himself – let’s go somewhere we aren’t reminded of the Locke regime.

Touched by her Mother in law’s gift basket, Tessa leaves Mariah to admit to Sharon that she’s scared to death about the surgery.

Mariah can’t stand the thought of Tessa being in pain. Sharon reassures that all will go well. Tessa comes back down – let’s do this.

In the park, Nikki doesn’t want Nick to blame himself – you probably saved your sisters’ life. She already knows EVERYTHING that happened.

Father won’t be coming to see us, Kyle begins. Going to answer the door, Jack tells Diane that it’s not a good time. DD! Harrison’s about to run to the door. When Diane comes inside, Kyle tells Harrison that his Father has died. Summer leads Diane back out.

In front of the house, Summer tells Diane that Ashland was found dead in his car. This is bringing up bad memories for Kyle. Please let me go back inside, please let me try to help, Diane implores.

Nikki thought she’d killed JT when defending Vikki also. It haunted her too – but she’d do the same again. Nick can’t shake the image of Ashland laying motionless. Nikki won’t mourn that monster. It’s not your fault he died in a car accident. You’re not to blame.

Diane tells Harrison that sometimes plans change; that doesn’t mean Father didn’t love you more than anything else in the world. He’d be here if he could. He’s in your heart, Kyle adds.

When Nick stops by CL’s, Sharon asks what’s on his mind. Ashland’s dead – the police found him in his car at the bottom of a ravine.

In the park, Chance is surprised Adam’s family hasn’t told him that Ashland died in an accident (or that’s the official version now)

Sharon’s sure Nick only thinks he killed Ashland, just as Nikki thought she’d killed JT. You’re very lucky Ashland got up and left.

DD does such a good job with Harrison that Kyle tells him that she’s his grandmother. Summer and Jack watch on (one teary, the other grim)

Nick can’t wrap his head around it. Ashland had no pulse. He can’t have been dead, Sharon points out. Yes, but Victor showed up – I can’t trust my Dad to tell the truth.

Official version for now? Adam’s confused – is he dead or not? Yes, Chance found Ashland himself. Chance can’t answer more questions – duty calls. He hopes Adam’s back from Vegas soon. Your family might need you.

Adam’s left to cancel his flight. There’s been a change of plans.