Friday, July 29th, 2022

Jack thanks Diane for offering to take Harrison to the park. He’d forgotten how good she was with little ones. Her heart breaks for Harrison; he and Ashland had a bond. Jack’s glad he defied the restraining order (giving them one last visit) He can’t join them at the park but knows to find them at the swings.

At the park, Phyllis asks Summer how it went with Harrison. He’s home with Jack. She’s sure she’ll work things out with him – eventually.

On the rooftop, Devon’s ordering all Amanda’s favourites – curly fries. They’ve come from settling Naya into the rehab facility. Amanda’s not sure she should have left.

Guess who? Elena surprises Nate at the office. She caught an earlier flight because she missed him. A lei placed over his head, Nate can indeed leave work – let’s go home (he leaves a folder on Lily’s desk)

With her Mom at CL’s, Faith’s brought a lot of get-well balloons. That’s so sweet, Mariah arrives to speak for Tessa (since she can’t)

We could have extended our trip, Devon points out. Amanda left Imani there – she didn’t feel like they wanted her, the newcomer, there. It sometimes feels like Naya resents me.

Phyllis tells Summer how connected she and Jack have always been – but not anymore. She told Jack she loved him the other day. And what did he say? I love you too.

Devon believes Amanda will have a long time to connect with her Mother – but if she wants to go back to Virginia, she should go. He supports her either way.

Elena and Nate kiss and undress – then hit the bed.

Phyllis explains that Jack’s ‘I love you’ sounded like he wishes he didn’t. The issue is Diane. When she appears, Phyllis rudely dismisses her. When Summer tries to intercede, Diane tells her not to worry about it – we all knew the truce wouldn’t last.

Mariah updates her Mom and Faith that the doctor said the procedure couldn’t have gone better. Tessa’s not to talk, hum or even clear her throat. And she can’t laugh. Faith’s bought a whiteboard (which Tessa promptly draws a heart on)

Nate and Elena cuddle in bed. She had an extremely positive experience at the conference. Was Imani able to get her out of the askMDnow contract? Nate doubts she had time before leaving to visit her Mom.