Monday, August 1st, 2022

Inviting Adam to take a seat, Victor won’t pretend to mourn Ashland – but don’t be glib about his death. This is a win for the Newman family, Adam hints that Chance is suspicious. Oh, now I have your attention?

Nick and Sally share a chuckle. Sure, he was harsh the other day but she found his input helpful. Getting a ‘we need to talk’ text from Chance, Nick suddenly has to get to work. On the record, he’s glad she’s staying. As for the story, she’ll stick to the facts (but a pause in the hallway indicates otherwise.

Noah doesn’t hold back on what a terrible person Ashland was. He hurt a lot of people you love, Ally can see. Noah suddenly wonders why his grandfather didn’t mention it – something’s not right.

Adam was going to leave for Vegas today – until he ran into Chance in the park; he said that my family might need me. Adam airs his grievances again. Stop this nonsense, Victor wants to know about his conversation with Chance. Seems like he’s suspicious, Adam implies.

Chance asked Nick to meet him on the patio to update him on the case – the security teams’ statements match Victor’s word for word, like they were reading from the same script. Would you prefer it if their stories didn’t line up? Nick doesn’t see the big deal. He’s been open and honest from the start and has nothing to hide. What do you want from me?

Ally suggests Victor just wanted to focus on Noah’s pitch or maybe he wanted your Dad to tell you about Ashland. That’s not my grandfather’s way. When Noah talks about the plotting and scheming, Ally says ‘he can’t be that bad – can he?’

Cut the crap – you’re family, Nick is indeed a little ‘wound up’. When Chance mentions Victor, Nick says ‘that’s who you should talk to then’ (and leaves)

Victor tells Adam to stop asking questions about Locke – why not be concerned about your sister? I warned that you’d pushed him too far, Adam knew he’d use Victor’s ‘precious daughter’ to get revenge. You wanted him gone and he’s gone. Crazy coincidence, isn’t it? You’re beginning to piss me off and that’s never a good idea, Victor leans forward menacingly.

Noah knows something’s going on with his grandfather. When Ally asks for an example of something bad Victor’s done, Noah tells her that he took Jabot with a hostile takeover. He wouldn’t want her to get caught in the crossfire of the Newman-Abbott feud. Ally doesn’t scare easily – things are just getting good between us ~kiss~

Kevin returns to CL’s with good news – he just sent Chance the autopsy report. Blunt force trauma to the head, death would have been instantaneous. Chance goes through the events of the evening again – maybe Nick delivered the punch that killed Ashland. If so, how did his body end up in his car at the bottom of a ravine???

Victor reminds Adam that the Newmans pull together when one of them is in trouble. He doesn’t give a damn that Ashland’s gone. You’re a Newman, it would do you well to remember that, Victor leaves the restaurant.