Monday, August 1st, 2022

Summoned to CL’s by Chance, Kevin doesn’t know much about Locke’s death because he’s been busy with IT. Why, what’d I miss? It might be more complicated, Chance believes after reading the police report.

At Society, Victor’s mumbling into his phone about the security detail and Ashland’s death – inform me if anything changes. Adam arrives.

Working in Vikki’s office, Nick throws his phone down to relive the night of Ashland’s death (including his Dad’s arrival) Sally comes in to announce that she’s staying on at Newman Media. He’s sorry for his bluntness the other day, and that Adam jerked her around. OMG! she blurts out when her phone pings – Locke’s dead!

That’s damn good news, I can’t thank you enough, Victor ends the call when Noah joins him. Adam lurks as they discuss his idea to transform Top of The Tower.

Sometimes a car crash is just a car crash, Kevin’s seen no indication of foul play but listens when Chance lays out the whole ‘working theory’.

How’s Vikki doing? She’s on a trip – that she planned weeks ago, Nick doesn’t think Newman Media should dig into the story (out of respect for the family – it’s complicated)

Chance knows exactly how/why Rey’s car crashed. He wants to know everything about Lock’s accident too. Kevin’s enlisted to buddy up to the medical examiner (she likes the same fantasy role playing game) Agreeing to get the autopsy report, Kevin’s excited – we’re a team now, right???

Adam’s still in the background as Noah pitches his idea for a state of the art gallery/nightclub. Victor’s impressed with the ‘brilliant concept’ which is guaranteed to be a success but he wants Top of The Towers to remain a restaurant. He’s sure Noah will one day come to work at Newman, like his Father and grandfather. After Noah leaves, Adam approaches Victor to wonder why he’s not celebrating Locke’s death.

Nick tells Sally that he had a confrontation with Locke before his car accident. Confrontation? she realizes there might be added complication because she runs his family’s media company.

Noah joins Ally on the rooftops’ bar to report that his grandfather didn’t go for his idea. They then discuss Plan B – TGP. They’re about to kiss when Noah’s phone beeps – Ashland Locke’s dead.