Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Amanda and Devon are waiting for Nate at Society. She arranged the meeting in a public place in case things get heated. Both turn when hearing Nate shout into his phone – no comment!!

On the rooftop, Phyllis tells Summer that she has plans for the hotel. But, never mind that – all hell is gonna break loose when news of Ashland’s death gets out.

Chloe bursts into Sally’s office to gripe about the media vultures looking for a story on Ashland. We’re the media, Sally reminds. She’s stunned to hear that Nick’s altercation with Ashland got physical.

In the park, Nick tells Sharon that he feels guilty about Ashland dying. He can’t help but feel his Dad’s lying to his face.

Nate’s sorry – reporters are hounding him for a statement about Ashland (as he was his ‘best man’) He declines Devon’s offer of taking some time off – he just wants to get past their disagreement and get to work. All agree that Lily and Billy are crushing it in LA. Amanda isn’t pleased that Nate and Imani are in contact regarding Elena’s contract.

Back on the rooftop, Summer’s glad the Abbotts are shielding Harrison from reporters. We might have to claim Ashland’s body and lay him to rest (for Harrison’s sake) Phyllis briefly mentions Diane’s funeral. Summer hopes everyone will come together to support Harrison. Not Diane, Phyllis snaps.

Chloe confides in Sally that Nick stepped in to protect Vikki from Ashland. No one could blame Nick for punching him.

Nick and Sharon know there’s precedent for this sort of thing; Victor covered up Adam killing a man in Kansas (when he was a boy) The truth always comes out, Nick adds.

Amanda thought Nate would reach out to Newman Media about Elena’s contract, not Imani (I can call my sister myself) Nate talked to her about the contract after they discussed Naya’s rehab facility. Devon and Amanda are both grateful for his help on that but Devon’s still pissed about an artist being double booked.

On the subject of getting additional servers, Sally says they’ll need them if they can break a huge story – like the real circumstances of Ashland’s death. Chloe’s sure Chance wouldn’t allow a cover-up. We have to be very, very careful with this. After Chloe leaves, Sally types out a message – need to talk about Locke story.