Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

Sharon has to consider the official story – Ashland got up and drove his car into a ravine. He had heart issues. Nick can tell that Chance is suspicious. He then reads Sally’s text. No, it’s not the police; just someone else digging for answers.

Summer thinks it bad timing that Jack arrived at the park in time to hear Phyllis shouting at Diane. Good timing for her, Phyllis quips. She doesn’t want to burden Summer about it – lets talk about working together at Marchetti – let’s do this.

Nick can’t involve Sharon any more. Thanks for always being here for me. Always, Sharon’s left to watch Nick leave.

Nate doesn’t appreciate being micromanaged. When Amanda leaves them to work things out, he and Devon argue some more. Why are you taking this personally? How am I NOT supposed to that it personally? Devon wonders if Nate’s rethinking his career change.

Devon continues to rub Nate the wrong way. You’re out of your element. Nate feels ‘stifled’. Devon again broaches the idea of a mentor – or, at least some media training. Scoffing, Nate decides to go home and spend some time with Elena.

Summer doesn’t think it a right time to talk to Kyle about her Mom coming to work at Marchetti. I get things done, Phyllis toots her own horn. And she may be selling TGP, possibly Lily. Yes, the hotel means a lot to her, but Summer means more (Ashley sends a text – time to meet up for operation Take Down Diane)

Nick shows up in Sally’s office to ask where she heard that things got physical with Ashland the night he died. NM has lots of reliable sources. Why did you hit him? she wants to know.

Devon joins Amanda at CW. No, things didn’t go well with Nate, things got worse after you left. Maybe I pulled him into the business world too quickly.

At CL’s, Nate orders coffee and chats with Sharon. He cut his reunion with Elena short – big mistake.

Phyllis won’t let Diane jeopardize her relationship with Summer (who thinks Kyle might be suspicious of this sudden career change) Listing everyone who works with family, Phyllis wants that too. Someone’s trying to get in touch with you. Ashley’s sent another message – please respond. Phyllis looks guilty.

Yes, Nick’s on his way to regretting asking Sally to stay on. Stop making assumptions and listen. Yes, he punched Ashland – to defend Vikki. Nick has no idea how the crash happened. Sally wants NM to break this inside scoop.

Nate was Chief of Surgery, he wouldn’t have left for a low-level position, Amanda thinks it’s just a learning curve. Ashland’s death may have rattled him. Devon’s not so sure – this company is supposed to be a cohesive family operation.

Nate texts Elena to say he’s coming up. He’s putting cream in their coffees when she sends him back a big red heart. Imani calls to say she wants company (her Mom’s sleeping). Forgetting all about Elena’s coffee, Nate takes a seat – he’d be happy to keep Imani company.

Phyllis continues to badger Summer about a job at Marchetti. It’d be great working together; life-changing.

Nick had to step in because Ashland was getting violent with Vikki. He doesn’t want this story to follow her. The story’s in your hands – what are you going to do with it? he asks Sally.