Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

In Vikki’s office, Nikki and Victor worry about her. Johnny and Katie are handling the news of Ashland’s death as well as can be expected. Nick’s confused, Nikki adds – he thought he killed Ashland (she’s suspicious)

Nick isn’t telling Sally what to do but would like a heads up if she publishes the ‘scoop’. No other news outlet’s aware that Ashland showed up at Vikki’s before his ‘accident’, she seems mildly conflicted.

Chance checks in on Sharon at the coffee shop – but he’s really there to find out if Nick told her ‘everything’ that happened the night Ashland died.

At Society, Kevin and Adam match wits. ‘The guy who’s on the right side of the law’x does some ‘gloating’ before inadvertently tipping Adam off that there’s more to Ashland’s ‘case’ than meets the eye.

Ashley sends Nikki and Phyllis a text saying she’s on her way. Leaving Jack to read her lab report, she’s NOT impressed when Diane shows up – ‘again’!

‘Sorry to disturb’ but Diane’s brought something for Harrison. Ashley was just leaving, Jack says. I’ll be back REAL soon, she snarls before slamming out. Diane’s left to tell Jack that she’s brought some age-appropriate books to help Harrison deal with his grief (and shed crocodile tears for what she put him and Kyle through by faking her death)

Nick appreciates Sally holding off on publishing the story – It means a lot, I won’t forget it.

Sharon’s supporting Nick (and Vikki) just as he did her when she lost Rey. He needs support? Chance pounces, but gets nothing further since Sharon suddenly has work to do.

Back at Society, Kevin recovers quickly – given Adam’s past he should know how investigations work. You and your party-of-one have a wonderful evening.

Nick’s surprised to find Victor still at the office. Hearing that Sally won’t publish the inside info, he considers that she might not be the liability he thought she’d be.

Sally joins Adam at Society. She’s there for takeout not to bleed from the heart all over the bar. You were right, we’re better off apart. He’s glad she’s accepted that. Sally didn’t leave Newman; no man’s worth sacrificing this CEO job, ‘not even you’.