Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

A few months ago, Jack indeed would have thought Diane was overstepping; now he can only think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Harrison needs his family. In tears that she’s considered family, Diane promises to never let Harrison down the way she did Kyle. I’ll always be here for our son and grandson.

Joining Nikki and Phyllis at TGP, Ashley rants about that ‘viper’ using Ashland’s death to insinuate herself. Phyllis is sure she’s wearing her concerned ‘grandmother sash’ across her chest.

At Society’s bar, Sally tells Adam that Nick’s mostly behind her decision to stay on at Newman. She has a pretty good grip on how she’s going to handle things. I bet you do, Adam scowls into his drink.

Victor’s glad to hear Sally’s being a team player. There’s a lot more to her than you think, Nick comments. I can hardly wait to find out, Victor mutters. Nick wants to know what happened the night Ashland died.

When Jack says that the only person who’ll grieve for Ashland is Harrison, Diane finds that sad; she won’t take her second chance for granted – please believe that.

Unable to dig up dirt on Diane in LA, Phyllis and Nikki have decided to create some here in GC – by setting it up so that it looks like she’s sabotaging Marchetti. They’re surprised when Ashley declares it a horrible idea.

Jack’s impressed and touched by Diane’s selections of books – you’ve gone above and beyond. She thanks him for shutting Phyllis down earlier at the park.

Marchetti is under the Jabot umbrella, Ashley doesn’t want her family’s company to suffer. That won’t happen – and Phyllis has already talked to Summer about a job.

Nick lists all the things that don’t make sense about that night. Your conscience is clear, Victor states. That’s not an answer, Nick persists.

Sally thinks Adam a bit hypocritical for judging Ashland’s need for revenge. You contemplated partnering up with him. The guy creeped me out; instead, Adam warned his sister – he could never have predicted the Locke Ness Monster would die in a simple car accident. Sally teases that she knows more.

Kevin’s made a beeline to the CL’s patio to tell Chance that he has another piece to the puzzle.

Nick finally gets some answers from Victor. Ashland was found dead at your sister’s house. My men took care of things.

Jack was mostly looking out for Harrison. Yes, but if a tiny part was looking out for her too, Diane appreciates it. ‘It’s been a long time since someone was on my side’. Reaching across to get her purse, Diane holds his gaze – goodnight Jack (her actions have the desired affect)

Phyllis and Ashley bicker about Summer almost seeing her text message re: Operation Diane. Phyllis won’t let them down – Diane’s a ticking time bomb ready to go off; she’ll pull the pin slowly without anyone noticing. ‘Kaboom’, the threesome clink their glasses.

Sally should probably go. Yup, Adam agrees. She could share what she knows about Ashland’s last night on earth but won’t because he called her pathetic. Her loyalty is now to Newman. Adam’s left to sulk.

Victor tells Nick that his men staged Ashland’s accident; that’s it, simple as that. You did nothing wrong in saving your sister’s life. You didn’t mean to kill him. No one cares about that bastard!! The cops will close the case and move on. You do the same. My motive was to protect you!

When Kevin shares a tip that Ashland’s car was seen behind Vikki’s house the night he died, Chance is eager to get security footage from nearby gas stations etc. in order to find out how Ashland’s body got from Vikki’s house to the bottom of that ravine.