Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Yes, Lily was OK with Billy coming back to GC because Ashland died – for the kids of course, and to ask Vikki ‘what the hell happened?’

At Nick’s request, Sharon locks the door to her conveniently empty coffee house. Why didn’t you sleep last night? You can tell me anything. Ashland didn’t die in an accident, I killed him, Nick confesses.

Nate strolls into the office to ask if Billy’s there – and rub Devon the wrong way. He worries he may have thrown too much at Nate too soon. Amanda comes in to say that Naya’s doctor just called; she’s in a coma.

At Society, Abby wonders why Chance wants to question Vikki now – is there something you haven’t told me?

Chance wishes Abby would lighten up – it’s no big deal. Her curiosity increases when Kevin hurries in to lie badly. She’s left looking extra suspicious when the boys leave.

Back at Newman, Vikki tells Billy exactly what happened step by step. Hearing that he called Nick to warn him, Vikki’s near tears – Nick saved her life, because of that call Billy made.

No, Ashland didn’t drive himself into that ravine; Victor’s men removed his body and staged the crash, Nick explains. He doesn’t regret saving his sister but didn’t mean to kill Ashland’s body. I’m complicit – and now you are too. Nick’s so sorry. Sharon’s glad he came to her.

Devon and Nate comfort Amanda (who’s in tears) Both encourage her to go see her Mother – everything else can wait.

The kids? They’re holding up as well as can be expected. Billy makes an exception in speaking ill of the dead. He’s in awe of Vikki’s stubbornness and grace ~hug~

Sharon and Nick complain about Victor’s controlling ways. Ashland’s to blame for his own death; you did the right thing, she knows he acted in self-defense. Nick adds that Chance is suspicious.