Thursday, August 4th, 2022

At the park, Kevin tells Chance that camera footage from the gas station was blank. It may or may not have been tampered with.

Back at CL’s, Sharon tells Nick that Chance questioned her. YOU didn’t hide anything from the police. Until now, he worries.

Devon and Nate encourage Amanda to join Imani in Virginia. Anything that can’t be handled by the legal department can be done remotely. You aren’t leaving us in the lurch. Research shows that comatose patients can hear/absorb what’s going on around them, Nate adds. Amanda won’t fill Naya’s room with flowers – she might think it’s her funeral. Thank you, she gives Devon a weepy hug.

Dropping by the office to see if there’s any news on her contract, Elena’s sorry to hear that Naya’s in a coma. Nate will miss having Imani around as an ally; she understood what he was going through with Devon. Are you saying she’s been fueling the tension between you? Elena scrunches up her face.

Kevin found grainy footage that reveals more than one person was in Ashland’s car. Also, there were footprints and a cigarette butt. One of Victor’s guys smokes, Chance’s spidey senses are tingling. Could Ashland have gotten up? If the body was moved, why would Vikki and Nick call the police???

When Nick comes to the office, Vikki tells him that Billy knows everything. Nick’s sorry if it seemed like he was blowing Billy off. No worries, he’s just glad they’re OK. Nick needs to discuss that real estate deal. After Billy leaves, he asks about the kids. No, Dad hasn’t told her anything about what happened that night. Why? Is there something she should know?

At Society, Abby and Chelsea have a brief chat about the kids. Chelsea feels like her life is back on track. On cue, Billy arrives. Confirming that Chance is indeed investigating Ashland’s death, he asks Abby why.

Nick and Vikki called Chance because they thought Ashland was dead. If he walked out, how did that ring fall out of his pocket? Maybe he stumbled, Kevin doesn’t think Nick was trying to cover anything up.

When Nick tells her what their Dad did, Vikki thinks maybe he did the right thing.

On the patio, Devon continues to support an emotional Amanda. Take all the time you need. She’ll miss him every minute she’s gone ~kiss~

Nate and Elena bicker about Imani. We should be helping her (and Amanda) through this tough time – nothing else, he concludes. Elena shakes her head,

Chance doesn’t discuss his cases with me, Abby makes clear. He’s a man of integrity, that’s why Billy likes him. When Abby serves them their avocado toast, Chelsea confirms that working on Billy’s podcast is her exciting new job. It came along at just the right time. When Abby moves on, Billy doesn’t seem to notice that Chelsea’s devouring him with her eyes.

Dad did what he needed to do to end this chaos in our lives, Vikki initially claims. But yes, he has made us complicit in a cover-up. I need to talk to him. Yanking open the door, she almost runs into Chance. Why are you upset? he wonders as the siblings look busted.

Next Week; What are you trying to say? Abby’s none too pleased with Nikki – that Chance should back off the Ashland case? … Don’t tell me that you threatened the Newmans, Chloe panics. There’s missing pieces to the puzzle and we’re going to find them, Sally replies … Jack tells Adam that there’s so many opportunities for him to prove himself to the world. He can think of one off the top of his head – come work with me at Jabot.