Friday, August 5th, 2022

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki are happy that Vikki’s brought the kids to stay at the ranch for a bit. However they felt about Ashland, he was their stepfather. Victor won’t mourn that bastard being ‘gone forever’. Nikki detects a hint of triumph in his voice; like Victor’s taking credit for his demise.

Finding Chance at her office door, Vikki claims to be ‘upset’ over a failed deal (which she’s off to take care of) Not so fast, Chance wants to talk about Ashland’s case. How many times will this take? Nick’s pissed. As many times as it takes, Chance is firm.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Jack’s thrilled when Harrison scores a goal. He’s even thinking about coaching. When Traci wonders where he’ll find the time (with Kyle moving over to Marchetti) Jack removes his shades – are you accusing me of neglecting the family business?

At Society, Kyle’s happy his parents are spending time with Harrison; work’s pretty crazy. Summer has a candidate for overseeing Marchetti ‘Home’ – my Mom.

Phyllis applauds (literally) Diane keeping up with her workouts (at TGP) then allows Diane to go on about her job at Marchetti. Her life in GC is even better than she could have dreamed.

Victor poo-poos Nikki’s nonsense about him being responsible for Ashland’s death – he’s exactly where he should be; on a cold slab waiting for a pauper’s burial.

Something about Ashland’s death doesn’t sit right with Chance, and he believes Nick and Vikki feel the same way (or did) The gas station CCTV showing Ashland is a half mile from the house. He’d love to prove that he walked to that gas station, but can’t.

Kyle doesn’t think their Mother’s working alongside each other a good idea. It’s like handing Phyllis a hand grenade and pulling the pin. Summer disagrees – she declined the job only because it was in Milan. Someone wants to buy TGP. Kyle can’t deny that she’s qualified. Summer knows her Mom will work her tail off. It could be the worst idea, she admits. Or one of the best, Kyle’s sold.

Kyle agrees that Phyllis could be an asset to Marchetti – and we can keep an eye on her. We’ll have to put her on notice – if she causes problems with my Mom she’s gone. Summer wants Kyle to give Diane the same message.

Traci laughs – she wasn’t suggesting that Jack’s slacking off. He’s so focussed on telling her that he’s made Harrision a priority that he misses goal number two. Too bad Diane couldn’t be here – she’s doing a remarkable job with him. What are you asking now? Jack’s back is up again.